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Backpacks, packs and bags are containers of varying size for carrying your hard-earned loot.

List[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Outer Dimensions Inner Dimensions Total Slots Movement speed
Mystery Ranch Blackjack 50 backpack icon.png Mystery Ranch Blackjack 50 backpack (multicam) 5x7 grid 6x7 grid 42 -22%
AttackInventory.PNG SSO "Attack 2" raid backpack 5x7 grid 5x7 grid 35 -16%
Pilgrim Backpack icon.png Pilgrim Tourist Backpack 5x7 grid 5x7 grid 35 -14%
3V G Paratus icon.png 3V G Paratus 3-Day Operator's Tactical Backpack 5x7 grid 1x 5x5 grid
2x 1x2 grid
1x 3x2 grid
35 -5%
Tri-Zip Backpack.png Camelbak Tri-Zip Backpack 5x6 grid 5x6 grid 30 -10%
Beta2 outside.png Ana tactical Beta 2 battle backpack 5x5 grid 5x6 grid 30 -3%
ScavBP Icon.png Scav Backpack 4x5 grid 4x5 grid 20
Flyye MBSS Backpack.png Flyye MBSS Backpack 4x4 grid 4x4 grid 16
Duffel icon.png Duffle bag 4x3 grid 4x3 grid 12
T-Bag icon.png Transformer Bag 3x3 grid 3x3 grid 9
Armybagicon.png VKBO army bag 3x4 grid 4x2 grid 8
SlingBackPackIcon.png Tactical sling bag 3x3 grid 3x2 grid 6