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This page contains a collection of the changelogs throughout Escape from Tarkov's development. Note that not every addition and fix is included in the patch notes. This is not a complete list, and there are many versions missing.


Closed Beta (27 July 2017)

v0.10.1.1879 (20 Sept 2018)


  • Fixed one more Nvidia Inspector exploit
  • Fixed weapon recoil in different FOV
  • Fix for re-binding the mouse0 button
  • Leveling of the Sniper Rifles skill through chambering bullets is now slower
  • Fix of the empty ammo casings falling through the level geometry
  • Fix of negative timer value when playing as Scav
  • Fixed the potential game crash bug that occurred if the player was killed while loading a cartridge into chamber of the Mosin rifle

v0.10.0.1870 (18 Sept 2018)


  • Improved network synchronization of doors
  • Synchronization of the corpses positions
  • Adjusted grenade synchronization
  • Improved synchronization of loot that gets dropped on location
  • Redesigned control settings system
  • New redesigned system of network interpolation (improving precision of movement, reducing delays)
  • Weapon parts and mods for SA-58
  • Mosin-Nagant
  • New Covert Movement skill
  • New graphics settings to limit the FPS in the game and the menu

AI Improvements:

  • Adjustments of unalerted boss behavior
  • Fixed the bug that caused multiple bots to stand in one point one point while on patrol
  • Fixed the bug that caused boss and his detail to get stuck in the grenade throwing posture
  • Adjusted grenade throw, adjusted the angle of throw
  • Fixed the bug that prevented bots from checking their surroundings when stopping
  • The common bots are no longer aiming at the head
  • Bots who have heard the sound of a firefight, no longer look towards a potential target
  • Fixed the bug that caused the bot to search for a position on suppression request
  • Fixed the bug that prevented bots from reloading while providing suppression
  • Adjustments were made to bots’ hearing, now they don’t completely ignore the players behind their backs
  • Bots no longer shoot above them when they are prone


  • Looting items handling optimization
  • Shadow performance optimization
  • Procedural animations performance optimization
  • Optimization of network traffic consumption
  • Optimization of weapon modifications and weapons’ models and LOD groups
  • Optimized character spawning in the raid, reduced frequency and severity of freezes on spawn
  • Fixed various bugs that were causing other cases of freezes


Fixes to locations:

  • The curbstone near the new gas station that used to disappear prematurely
  • Fixed the problem of players getting behind the gate at the paid exit with an SUV at the Customs
  • Scav exit from the Factory now doesn’t overlap with the safe
  • Fixed shadow geometry in one of the wall gaps in the Resort
  • Fixed the catch between the crates at the Factory that could get you stuck
  • Fixed loot, quest zones, and bugs in the nighttime Factory
  • Customs gas station culling correction
  • Culling correction of geometry behind the two-storeyed dorm at the Customs
  • Fixed sticking catch in the Resort, on the second floor of the West Wing
  • The Shoreline tower door can now be opened in both directions
  • Adjusted the Woods spawn points to avoid excessive spawn proximity
  • Corrections made to the toppled grenade box in the Woods
  • Fixed the Factory door that was causing the invulnerability glitch
  • Adjusted spawn points at the Customs
  • Fixed spawning algorithm errors that sometimes caused late and close spawns
  • Added new loot points and containers on the Shoreline
  • Interchange - bots can now see-through glass at the IDEA entrance
  • Flashing light at the sawmill
  • Flashing chemlights at the Interchange

Interface fixes:

  • Fixed screen overlapping that sometimes occurred on server connection loss
  • Now the revert button only resets the current tab of the settings
  • The pointer does not disappear on the weapon modding screen
  • Fixed tutorial soft-lock learning on clicking Back
  • Weapons Inspector now displays the correct weapon accuracy
  • Resolution change now requires a confirmation
  • Settings now allow clearing of what has been assigned
  • The quick equip action (ALT+LMB) now plays a sound appropriate to the equipped item
  • Combining two stacks of rounds now plays an ammunition movement sound
  • It is now possible to cancel the editing of controls
  • Cash from the rewards screen now goes to stash on CTRL+LMB
  • If there were changes made to the settings, a confirmation window is displayed
  • The depleted consumable items now disappear from the Quick Access bar
  • Death count now gets updated in the stats after the raid
  • Fixed bug that kept the binding of items even after they were moved to a corpse
  • Timers don’t twitch now (changed to a monospaced font)
  • Centered item pivots
  • While searching containers and corpses you now get to see how much space is occupied by the items that are not yet discovered
  • Fixed bug where extraction countdown would become negative
  • Bug with the Traders resupply timer not refreshing, now it is updated in a couple of minutes
  • Scav players now see the correct PMC name in the kill list if the dog tag was taken

Visual fixes:

  • Now the vegetation is not disabled regardless of Nvidia Inspector settings
  • If there is a flashlight attached to the weapon, the weapon base doesn’t cast a shadow
  • Removed the white stripe from HAMR while aiming
  • Density (brightness) of searchlights’ Volumetric Light is reduced by half
  • Improved shader for glass visors
  • Fixed a visual bug of grass strobing during the rain
  • Fixed bug that sometimes made the grenade explosion invisible
  • Removed sun flare effect from reflex sights and scopes
  • Fixed the FOV change related bug that led to problems in displaying scopes and reflex sights sights
  • Fixed the FOV change related bug that caused weapons to shot off the reflex sights’ reticles
  • Corrected laser dazzle, it now occurs if the ray is directed straight into the character’s eyes
  • Adjusted the reflection intensity on materials of objects during cloudy or rainy weather
  • Raindrops now don’t disappear from hands if the character gets shot
  • Fixed black reticles of certain sights
  • Visor shader is now correctly displayed in the fog
  • Fixed Elcan optics bug that allowed to zoom in perpetually
  • Fixed bug that caused night scope illumination to disappear when aiming at the glass
  • Corrected some inaccuracies and visual problems with movement and animations of the characters in the third person
  • Fixed a noticeable disappearance of another players’ lights, depending on the perspective and distance
  • Fixed the reticle orientation in the reflex sights mounted in alternative positions
  • Fixed the bug that made reflex sight reticles invisible on smoke
  • Improved display of equipment on the characters (especially Scav) - reduced clipping
  • Fixed white spots on some of the weapon icons
  • Adjusted lighting effects at the Interchange
  • Helmet visors no longer shine in the dark
  • Fixed the distance of culling for helmets and headgear

Fixed various errors:

  • Fixed one of the reasons for Error 228 while separating a stack of rounds
  • Bug when throwing grenades from the Quick Access toolbar
  • The error that occurred while quickly moving ammo from stash to crammed inventory
  • Various server errors that were causing desync
  • Various client errors that caused FPS to drop
  • The error that appeared on binding and use of the console key
  • The error of moving an object to another container, when it linked
  • The error that disabled the door interaction doors in offline mode after a single instance

Miscellaneous fixes:

  • Fixed sync of armor durability when armor is looted from a dead body
  • Fixed logic error in armor penetration calculation for bots
  • Fixed various bugs causing problems with registering hits
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the character to stand up while under some object
  • Fixed bug with discarded objects falling through the floor
  • A bug that breaks the interaction with doors and containers if the player has a grenade in hand
  • Fixed the problem of incorrect penetration of helmets and visors
  • Leaving the raid is now counted in the stats
  • A bug that made character stuck in the level geometry after reconnect
  • Bug with repeated door interaction on breach attempt
  • Bug with part of the cells remaining unsearched
  • A bug that changed the current resource of the passed first aid kit
  • Damage registration bug
  • A bug that caused the hands to freeze with lock pin in them if the grenade with removed pin were switched for something else
  • Fixed bug that had all character skills to max out
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused arm hits not to register
  • Fixed bug that caused discarded weapons to bounce
  • Fixed bug that caused the player to remain on the matchmaking screen after clicking on the "back" button while loading location, even after restarting the session
  • Fixed the bug that made medkit unusable if a player was injured during treatment
  • Fixed geometry clipping of sights in the camera, if the weapons have a sight installed at 45 degrees angle
  • Fixed the bug that allowed the player to keep the belongings after hitting Back when deployment to location has already started
  • Fixed inability to pass through a door sideways
  • Fixed ability to jump through the ceiling or the dorm to the floor above with a regular jump and leveled strength
  • It is now possible to move things for sale to a trader by dragging them
  • Fixed the bug that prevented discarding items from the stash
  • Fixed the bug that made the bodies twitch for a while after death
  • Fixed the bug of character corpse disappearing after reconnect
  • Fixed MTU002 Short Top foregrip filters fro SOK-12
  • Blind fire no longer allows you to shoot through walls
  • Bug with repeated opening of the door, that could make it open the other way
  • A bug that prevented a player from producing the death sounds in the first person, and there were no audible hits either
  • Fixed third-person arm-twisting when the character is getting ready to throw a grenade
  • Fixed bug with twisted hands with folded stock or in contact with the wall or other players
  • Fixed a bug of the "Gardening" quest part 1, where “Survive and exit from location" condition was not observed
  • Bug with an empty-handed player being unable to change weapons and use the equipment after a quick melee blow during the grenade throw
  • Various skill fixes
  • Various minor balancing fixes
  • Fixed rate of fire linked to FPS problem
  • Fixed desync bug when reloading shotgun shells
  • Reduced the amount of network lag on the death of other characters
  • Fixed a glitch with vests and secure containers which would make players invulnerable
  • A bug that swapped indoor sounds for outdoor sounds and back
  • Fixed a bug that would keep a weapon lifted in the air without any obstacles nearby
  • Player Scavs will now have their starting equipment examined by default


  • Increased chance of fracture from bullets and hits
  • Trader filters now hide all items that are not included in the filter
  • The armor Fence could not sell now gets removed faster
  • Removed animation of character pulling up to the doors, hoods, loot containers - except for knocking doors down
  • Added settings entries for screenshots and console
  • Enhanced the brightness of some reflex sights reticles
  • If you walk up to the wall or to another character, weapon gets lifted later. First, it is pulled closer to the body
  • In death from 3rd-person, the weapon now doesn’t stay in the hands but drops down as if on a sling
  • Now the falling bodies of the killed take into account the velocity of the bullet
  • Pressing ESC in the settings menu after making changes to the settings will prompt you to save or discard the changes
  • If a player leaves the raid (Leave game via the ESC menu, not through the exit), his character dies on the server (not the case with the connection loss)
  • Reduced the frequency of thunder sounds
  • Now glass doesn’t break when you’re just passing near it
  • Added more information to some of the error messages

v0.9.2.1791 (4 Sept 2018)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability

v0.9.2.1741 (27 Aug 2018)

  • Minor technical issue fixes

v0.9.2.1727 (23 Aug 2018)

  • Technical update for improved game performance

v0.9.2.1719 (22 Aug 2018)

  • Partially fixed prone glitching
  • Improved game stability

v0.9.2.1642 (2 Aug 2018)

  • Fixed hit registration bug, that was discovered after patch 0.9
  • Fixed one of issues causing game to crash
  • Fixed various new glitches
  • Nvidia Highlights is now turn off by default, you may turn it back on in the settings of the game
  • Fixed bug of not receiving blunt damage

v0.9.1.1610 (27 July 2018)

  • Technical update for improved game performance

v0.9.1.1590 (20 July 2018)

  • Bots do not go into a state of endless healing
  • The amount of traded money from traders is correctly displayed
  • The boss and guards became a little more accurate
  • Removed priority to aim in the head for standard bots
  • Partially fixed a bug when the bots got into each other
  • Fixed errors in the algorithm of bots - they stopped moving and respond to what is happening
  • Fixed item duping (violators accounts were wiped)
  • Prohibition on the sale of containers with included items to the Fence

v0.9.0.1582 (19 July 2018)

  • Aimed to increase stability

v0.9.0.1580 (19 July 2018)


  • Added the first of planned Scav bosses, the Dealmaker His favorite haunts are dorms and gas station at the Customs. His leadership skills allowed the Dealmaker to easily pull together a posse of former factory workers. Well armed, they continue to force their own rules in Tarkov. The Dealmaker prefers to avoid fair fights, quickly retreating to a safe place and leaving his guys to deal with the enemy. The boss does not make an appearance on location every time, but with a certain chance.
  • Added flashbang grenades*
  • Added smoke grenades
  • Added Nvidia Highlights, recording episodes of your firefights, if your graphics card supports this technology.
  • Added armbands of basic colors, players can now pick the color to make it easier to tell friend from foe in combat.
  • New weapon modifications
  • Vulcan MG scope eyecup
  • EOtech Vudu 1-6 x scope
  • Nightforce 30mm Mount for sights installation
  • Armasight Vulcan MG bravo 3.5x night scope
  • Armasight installation base for Vulcan MG 3.5x
  • Zenith 2U Klesch Tactical flashlight
  • Annihilator flash hider for 7.62x39, 5.56x45, and 9mm
  • Bridge type mount for P226
  • Rubberized pistol grip for P226
  • EMOD stock
  • Salvo 12 sound moderator adapter for carbines SOK, VPO, etc.
  • SilencerCo Salvo 12 Sound moderator
  • Sig Sauer Romeo 4 reflex sight
  • Sig Sauer mount for Romeo sights series
  • 10-inch Alexander Arms rail mount
  • 3-inch Alexander Arms rail mount
  • Holosun HS401G5 reflex sight
  • MOE pistol grip for AK
  • Rifle length MK 10 handguard for AR-15 and compatible
  • 30 mm mount Burris-produced AR-P.E.P.R. for sights installation
  • Burris FullField TAC 30 1-4x24 scope
  • Combo Kit - handguard and gas tube by TROY Industries.
  • Raptor charging handle for AR-15 and compatibles
  • Zenit PT-1 stock
  • PT stock lock for AKM and AK-74
  • Izhmash 7.62x39 aluminum magazine for AK and compatibles, 10-round capacity
  • Bakelite 7.62x39 magazine for AK and compatibles, 40-round capacity
  • Glock 18C 9x19 slide
  • Glock 18 9x19 barrel with compensator
  • Zhukov-S stock for AK
  • DS Arms Holland Type rear sight for SA-58
  • Foldable stock adapter for SA-58
  • Extreme Duty receiver cover for SA-58
  • TAPCO SAW-Style black pistol grip for SA-58
  • DS Arms "3 prong trident" 7.62x51 flash hider for SA-58
  • FAL/SA-58 7.62x51 20-round magazine
  • Handguard with rail mounts for SA-58
  • 280 mm 7.62x51 barrel for SA-58
  • F93 Pro Stock
  • LAS/TAC 2 Steiner tactical flashlight
  • Lightweight pistol grip for AR-15-compatible weapons
  • SE-5 Express tactical grip
  • Fab Defense UAS stock for AK
  • TAPCO SAW-Style pistol grip for SKS
  • TAPCO stock tube
  • Tapco INTRAFUSE polymer stock for SKS
  • Troy QARS mounts

New equipment:

  • Armored visor for Kiver helmet
  • BNTI Kirasa-N body armor
  • IOTV Gen4 body armor (mobile)
  • IOTV Gen4 body armor (assault variant)
  • IOTV Gen4 body armor (full protection)
  • 5.11 Tactec armor-plated vest
  • Blackhawk! Commando Chest Harness
  • Ana Tactical Beta 2 Combat pack
  • Momex balaclava
  • LShZ Helmet
  • GP-5 Gasmask
  • 6B34 ballistic glasses
  • GSSh-01 active headphones
  • Deadly Skull mask
  • Shattered lightweight reinforced mask
  • DEVTAC Ronin ballistic helmet
  • Pompon hat
  • Miltec boonie
  • Bandana
  • Neoprene face mask
  • Shemagh(v. 2)
  • USEC Cap black
  • BEAR Cap black
  • Highcom Striker ACHHC IIIA Helmet Olive
  • Highcom Striker ACHHC IIIA Helmet Black
  • Highcom Striker ULACH IIIA Helmet Coyote Tan
  • Highcom Striker ULACH IIIA Helmet Black
  • Armband (yellow)
  • Armband (green)
  • Armband (blue)
  • Armband (red)
  • Armband (white)

New weapons:

  • GLOCK 18C 9x19 pistol
  • DS Arms SA-58 OSW Para 7.62x51

Added new quests:

  • 5 Mechanic quests
  • 4 Ragman quests
  • 5 Skier quests

Added new containers and new loot on locations:

  • Factory
  • Woods
  • Customs

Added new paid exits on the maps:

  • Customs
  • Interchange


  • Adjusted loot spawn chances on all maps
  • Price rebalance for weapons, grenades, weapon mods
  • Increased price of powerful ammo
  • Vests and headsets can now be put into item case
  • Increased internal size of ammo case (now 6x6)
  • Reduced mouse sensitivity when aiming through high magnification scopes
  • Changed some quest rewards
  • Changed some quest requirements
  • Changed Alpha vest configuration
  • Increased penetration of SP-5 and SP-6 rounds
  • Various adjustments of weapon mods and armor parameters
  • Improved the behavior of individual AI enemies
  • Optimized geometry of level objects
  • Improved collection of crash dumps

Additional changes:

  • Further freezes and stuttering fixes
  • Further improvement of anti-cheat, work on disconnects associated with anti-cheat
  • Further optimization of the graphical and functional component (preparation for the animation optimization phase)
  • Various bug fixes
  • Increased rate of leveling for weapon mastery, weapon skills, and MagDrills
  • Increased stash size for all players
  • Reputation with traders is retained on wipe
  • Weapon mastering is retained on wipe
  • Reduced tracer size and brightness
  • Reduced dirt and distortions on visors
  • Silencer parameters and price balancing adjustments

Fixed issues:

  • Fixed various glitches
  • Lack of visibility and audibility of shots from SR-1MP for other players
  • Armor now stops the bullet flight correctly (if there was no penetration)
  • Fixed incorrect dimensions of certain items
  • Other visual fixes

v0.8.7.1479 (29 June 2018)

  • Minor update, aimed for increasing stability of the build

v0.8.7.1473 (29 June 2018)

  • Various fixes of colliders on maps
  • Fixes of server-side collision handling on locations
  • Shoreline optimization
  • Game client stability improvement, reducing crash cases

v0.8.7.1454 (27 June 2018)

  • Technical update

v0.8.7.1448 (27 June 2018)

  • Fixed visual issues at Customs and Shoreline locations
  • Additional map optimization for Customs and Shoreline
  • Fixed AI waypoints at Customs and Shoreline
  • One more update of the anticheat system
  • Increased client stability

v0.8.6.1442 (25 June 2018)

  • Technical update

v0.8.6.1424 (22 June 2018)

  • Shoreline location optimization
  • Customs location optimization
  • Fixes of Interchange issues
  • New properties: armor materials and their repairability
  • New armor property - blunt damage (damage without penetration)
  • Minor Scav head LOD fix
  • AI spawn with visor down
  • Minor freezes, effects culling

v0.8.5.1391 (14 June 2018)

  • Technical update of client, to fix the issues with game crashes

v0.8.5.1379 (13 June 2018)

  • Iitem binds reset, that was placed in pockets, after spawning in raid
  • Bug, which allowed to give all your money for a quest. Now, money won't be transferred if there is more then needed.

v0.8.5.1369 (8 June 2018)

  • Technical update

v0.8.5.1359 (8 June 2018)

  • Anticheat system update
  • Fixed pistol container glitches
  • Fixed secure container glitches
  • Fixed item transfer hotkeys
  • AI Scavs now don't snap shoot at players who took cover behind a wall
  • Selling non-empty containers is now prohibited (including barter)

Quest changes:

  • In quests that required long item grinding, added ability to turn them in partially, not all at once (with few exceptions).
  • Removed all timed conditions, difficulty adjusted by increasing current task requirements.
  • Heavy armor Ragman quest conditions were toned down, now you need to bring one piece in mint condition and one under 50% durability.
  • Introduced the dogtag level limitations to some of the quests that previously allowed any dogtags.

v0.8.4.1285 (18 May 2018)

  • Minor fixes

v0.8.3.1274 (11 May 2018)


  • AI Scavs at Interchange
  • 5 Mechanic trader quests
  • 17 Ragman trader quests
  • New mods for M1A and other weapons
  • New barter items

New weapon mods:

  • Colt M4 front sight
  • Colt M4 Length handguard for AR-15-compatible systems
  • LMT Sopmod stock
  • Handle/rear sight for AR-15-compatible systems
  • Stock body for MC20-01 and compatibles
  • 50-round 7.62x51 mm X-14 magazine for M14
  • 30-round 7.62x51 mm magazine for M14
  • M14ALCS(MOD. 0) pistol grip for M14
  • M14ALCS(MOD. 0) stock for M14
  • M14ALCS(MOD. 0) stock body for M14
  • CASV 14 mount for M14
  • M14 DCSB mount for M14
  • UTG 4 point locking deluxe mount for M14
  • Arms 18 mount for M14
  • Mini Scout mount for M14
  • Ultimak M8 mount for M14
  • Archangel mount for M1A
  • Phantom 7.62x51 muzzle brake for M14
  • Vortex DC 7.62x51 muzzle brake for M14
  • Good iron 7.62x51 muzzle break for M14
  • JP Enterprises tactical compensator 7.62x51 for M14
  • National Match 7.62x51 muzzle brake for M1A
  • 558mm barrel for M1A and compatible 7.62x51
  • SA National Match .062 blade front sight for M1A and compatibles
  • Troy S.A.S.S. Chassis for M14


  • VAL folding stock bug
  • other minor fixes


  • New loot containers at Factory
  • ammo balancing (armor damage factor)
  • Increased AP on some body armor and helmets (combined with ammo changes body armor becomes more effective, depending on ammo)
  • decreased prices for ammo and meds containers (100000 cheaper)
  • Changed prices and spawn chances for some of the items
  • Changes in some trading schemes

Known issues:

  • if the player discards a container with medicine that was being used, the slot gets blocked, as well as ability to heal
  • Incorrect progress bar for splint
  • Rain drops disappear from character’s hands if character gets hit with a bullet

v0.8.2.1235 (26 Apr 2018)

  • Fixes of the Interchange location
  • Fixed Object reference error
  • Fixed Mag Drills skill progress
  • Fixed Mag Drills skill bonus
  • Adjusted damage absorption of armor while using tactical vests with armor plates
  • Fixed ammo counter display upon check of remaining ammo
  • Fixed loyalty level display. Now correct level of loyalty is reflected for items that are unlocked during quests
  • EOTECH sights’ reticles now have no “noise” effect
  • Correct fire lighting at the Interchange location
  • Jumps are not counted for Strength skill upgrade
  • Strength skill bonuses reduced 25%
  • Fixed visual hyper lighting at spawn at the Interchange location
  • The rain sound indoors at the Interchange is now more quiet
  • Shoreline swamp spawn is moved to a safer place
  • Customs spawn at the accommodation unit by the fuel storage is moved to a safer place
  • Spawn adjustments at the Interchange location
  • Face hit box corrected according to community feedback
  • Fixed bug that allowed to remove negative limp effect by reentering the raid
  • Now all open container windows are closed when switching between tabs
  • Fixed notification about amount of cash required at the paid exit zone of the evacuation was already paid for
  • Unrealistic scav behavior is fixed

v0.8.1.1213 (21 Apr 2018)


  • Fixed movement down stairs and inclined surfaces
  • Fixed bug with "back" button in settings
  • Visual fixes of helmet visors
  • Various visual fixes of Interchange
  • Contusion effect fixes

v0.8.0.1208 (19 Apr 2018)

  • This update wiped player levels and stashes.


  • Basic tutorial
  • Loading and unloading ammo rounds now require time
  • Now, the character doesn’t initially know the number of cartridges in the magazine. Check the magazine to see the ammo remaining. Check precision depends on the Mag Drills skill. A full description of the expected behavior can be found here
  • Time-consuming loading/unloading of ammo
  • Loading/unloading of ammo into the magazine does not happen instantly. The time required to load/unload one cartridge may vary depending on the magazine and the level of the new skill, Mag drills.
  • Time is spent on loading and unloading ammo in the raid only, in the menu the procedures stay the same as before.
  • Loading and unloading can only be done with inventory open. If you close it or switch tabs, loading or unloading is interrupted. The cartridges that were already loaded into the mag, stay in it (and vice versa in case of unloading).
  • Only one magazine can be loaded or unloaded simultaneously.
  • The Info window displays the loading/unloading and mag check speed bonus if it is not 0.
  • If you’ve started loading an empty mag, or unloading a full one, the precise number of rounds is displayed.
  • Checking mags, hidden precise number of cartridges in the magazine
  • By default, it is unknown how many cartridges are in the mag, if it is not examined (hereinafter referred to as "Unknown/Checked"). Mag counter displays an unknown number of cartridges. For example: (?/30)
  • Check accuracy is determined by new "Mag Drills" skill.
  • The magazine can be checked either by animation - Alt+T or through the interface by Right-clicking and selecting Check magazine.
  • If you checked the number on the 0 skill level, then it returns "~empty" - "<1/2" - "~1/2" - ">1/2" - "~full". As skill level 1 an approximate number will be shown. On level 2 - the precise amount of ammo will be provided.
  • Full and empty mags are considered to be checked.
  • All the magazines you take into the raid are checked automatically.
  • Loading/unloading a checked mag doesn’t change the state, it remains checked.
  • After firing, the number of cartridges in the magazine become unknown.
  • Ammo check precision now depends on the Mag Drills skill, not on Weapon Mastering.
  • Outside of the raid, the number of cartridges is always displayed precisely.
  • If you have dropped a checked mag and picked it back up, it remains checked. If someone picked it up and dropped it again, it becomes unknown to you.

Checking the chamber:

  • The chamber also requires checking. Only by animation using the key binding Shift + T.
  • If you load the cartridge into an unknown chamber, it automatically becomes checked.
  • If the shot was fired from a checked mag (first shot), the chamber remains checked. Otherwise, it becomes unknown as well.
  • New skill Mag Drills:
  • Speeds up ammo loading
  • Speeds up ammo unloading
  • Speeds up magazine checks in inventory
  • Elite levels allow you to automatically check the mag when you move it in inventory, and make loading even faster.
  • Black version of the Ops-Core Fast helmet
  • Visor toggle mechanics with all audio and visual effects and protection
  • A new type of reward for quests completion - unlocking items for purchase
  • A new type of trade barter - for dog tags.
  • A new type of tactical vest, with armor plates
  • Antialiasing options (2x, 4x) in graphics settings. Attention! Recommended only for high-performance PC rigs.
  • Mechanic trader quests
  • New trader, Ragman

New location:

  • Interchange


  • Ski hat with eye slits
  • Cold Fear Infrared Balaklava
  • Ghost Balaklava
  • UX PRO Hat
  • Fleece tactical hat
  • Cowboy hat
  • RayBench Hipster Reserve Glasses
  • Dundukk Sport sunglasses
  • Round glasses
  • Police cap
  • BEAR Cap
  • USEC Cap
  • Shemagh
  • Sordin MSA Supreme PRO-X/L Active headphones


  • Tactical shoulder bag 3x2
  • VKBO army duffel bag 4x2
  • SSO Attack 2 Raid Backpack 5x7

Tactical Vests:

  • ANA Tactical M2 Armor plated vest
  • Wartech Chest Rig MK3 TV-104 Tactical chest rig

Body armor:

  • BNTI Gzhel-K Body Armor
  • MF-UNTAR Body Armor


  • ZSH-1-2M helmet in plain and black cover
  • Armored visor for ZSH-1-2M helmet
  • Altyn helmet
  • Armored visor for Altyn helmet
  • SSSh-94 SPHERA-S helmet
  • Tarkov UN Force helmet
  • 6B47 Helmet in a camouflage cover

Weapon modifications:

  • M1A Socom 16 Mount
  • Nightforce 34mm Mount for installation of sights with Multimount
  • Nightforce ATACR 7-35x56 Scope
  • Nightforce 34mm Mount for sights installation
  • B-3 twin mount
  • Rotor 43 5.56x45 Muzzle brake
  • Rotor 43 .366TKM Muzzle brake
  • Rotor 43 7.62x39 Muzzle brake
  • Rotor 43 9x19 Muzzle brake
  • Fab Defense GL Shock Stock
  • Spike tactical dynacomp 7.62x39 AK Muzzle brake
  • Strike industries TRAX 2 Foregrip
  • Strike industries Bride Rail
  • Strike industries keymod 6 inch Rail
  • Strike industries keymod 4 inch Rail
  • Strike industries TRAX 1 Foregrip
  • Glock 9x19 Moto Cut Slide
  • B&T rail for MP5
  • XRSU47SU Tactical Foregrip for AKS-74U
  • Aluminum foregrip for MP5 (TL-99)
  • 10-round PMAG GEN M3 10 5.56x45 NATO STANAG magazine
  • 30-round PMAG GEN M3 30 5.56x45 NATO STANAG magazine
  • 30-round Pmag 30 AK74 GEN M3 5.45x39 magazine for AK and compatibles
  • 30-round SR3M.130 9x39 magazine for SR3M
  • 10-shell SAI-02 12x76 magazine for SOK-12 and compatibles


  • Ammo case
  • Medicine case


  • Springfield Armory M1A 7.62x51
  • Remington 870
  • APS
  • APB
  • AKS-74N
  • AK-74M
  • AK 100 Series

AI Improvements:

  • Fixed bug when bots were trying to attack the player who exited location


  • Optimization of Shoreline location
  • Client and server optimizations for handling physics
  • Reduced network latency


  • The bug that allowed to quickly press sprint button thus moving faster without draining the character's stamina
  • Bug with getting damage when falling on a destroyed legs
  • Various fixes to the current skills
  • Generated set of scav exits at Factory that was always closed/required a key. Now there is at least one exit that doesn’t require a key.
  • Correct display of the current armor state over the network
  • Twisted hands of killed characters
  • Various bugs related to sound audibility over great distances
  • The lower left corner of the weapon icon now shows its caliber
  • If you examine an item at trader or on the body, the equivalent item in the inventory will now get known automatically
  • Examining now goes in parallel on client and server (formerly required a response from the server)
  • The bug that locked weapon interaction after moving the cartridge from the chamber to the mag
  • The bug that locked weapon interaction after moving the cartridge from the chamber to the pile of the same ammo in your inventory
  • Kill List works offline now
  • Armor customization window now displays the resulting armor characteristics according to the installed armor mods.


  • All mod slots in Weapons inspector are now displayed on one screen without scrolling
  • Additional exceptions to the installation of mods on weapons and equipment
  • Rebalance of trader unlock conditions
  • Ammo rebalance (specifications, prices, levels of loyalty)
  • Rebalance of the items’ value, their characteristics, the occupied cells (weapons, armor, mods, gear)
  • Adjusted chances of items’ spawn on locations
  • Partially redesigned rewards for quests
  • Removed skill rollback
  • Added missing numeric values to weapons characteristics
  • Improved rendering of weapons in modification mode
  • Bitcoins can now be stored in money cases
  • The flashlight light ray (cookie) was replaced with a more convenient one
  • Fixed PMCs spawn points at Factory
  • Changed first Skier quest “Supplier”
  • The movement of weapons and hands when turning became more lifelike and more tied to weight and weapons’ ergonomics
  • Helmet damage mechanics - modular hit zones (including face area)
  • Redesigned the sounds of movement on thin metal
  • Basic recoil increased by 20%
  • Different sound settings for active headphones (item)
  • Interface adjustments to improve the readability of texts
  • A chance to get a fracture when hit increased 10%
  • A chance to get fractured after fall increased 20%
  • Aimpunch is strongly reduced
  • Mods now have various micro-icons
  • Global time rate increased to x7 compared to real-time
  • Available traders’ window redesign

Known issues:

  • If the magazine of a pump-action shotgun is not examined, it can’t be reloaded
  • Firing rate is dependent on FPS, this issue will be rectified soon, in one of the next upcoming patches
  • If there is no space in the backpack and you unwrap the ammo pack, it will lead to the blocking of inventory
  • Visual bugs of the new location caused by new optimization system will be getting fixed over extensive live testing
  • Game physics was redesigned, hence possible related bugs (obstructed movement in tight passages, other movement bugs)
  • "Back" button in the settings can block the interface, to correct this problem it is necessary go to settings, change the language to any other and click "Save".

v0.7.9.1073 (24 Mar 2018)

  • Small technical update of client

v0.7.8.1039 (14 Mar 2018)


  • Server optimizations


  • Vertical positioning of sound source
  • Improved grenade throw sync
  • Now players won't spawn close to other players
  • Bug that displayed spawning characters as flying in the air
  • Fixed a number of minor bugs related to weapon reload
  • Improved network synchronization of doors
  • Flare on first activation of flashlights/laser designators

v0.7.7.1027 (9 Mar 2018)

  • This Update was rolled back a few hours after its release due to technical issues
  • Small technical update

v0.7.6.993 (28 Feb 2018)


  • Fixed various server errors
  • Fixed various client errors
  • Improved game client stability
  • Fixed bug that prevented character from receiving kill experience
  • Fixed bug that didn't show killed characters in kill list
  • Fixed bug that caused hands lock on MP5 reload


  • Optimized light sources

v0.7.5.976 (23 Feb 2018)


  • Fixed localization of game, old messages from traders might still looking wrong
  • Fixed kill list of killed enemies at the end of match
  • Minor fix of one of the locations visuals

v0.7.4.972 (22 Feb 2018)


  • Increased weapon sway in the unaimed mode to reduce the hip-fire accuracy
  • New helmet 6B47
  • NSPU-M Night scope
  • The Rotor 43 tube adapter for AS Val
  • Surefire XC1 Tactical flashlight
  • Glock Tactical GL21 combined flashlight and laser designator block
  • Hera Arms CQR Tactical grip
  • Hera Arms CQR Pistol grip
  • Vendetta precision VP-09 Muzzle brake
  • Added mechanics for weapons mods exception and installation prevention. At the moment, for test purposes, it is only implemented on the new weapons and mods.
  • Added 5 new Therapist quests
  • Added maps of “Azure Coast” health resort and the Shoreline location
  • New trader, Mechanic
  • Glock 17 Gen3 9x19 in standard issue kit and over 30 mods for it, including:
  • Alpha Wolf threaded barrel for Glock 9x19 manufactured by Lone Wolf
  • Threaded barrel for Glock 9x19 manufactured by Double Diamond
  • Threaded barrel for Glock 9x19 manufactured by Salient Arms
  • Barrel with compensator for Glock 17 9x19
  • Glock 9x19 Viper Cut slide
  • Glock Alpha Wolf slide
  • Glock Alpha Wolf Custom slide
  • Glock Zev Tech Hex Gen3 slide
  • Glock Zev Tech Hex Spartan slide
  • PS9 polymer80 slide
  • Double Diamond 9x19 flash hider
  • Decelerator 3 Port 9x19 Compensator
  • Alpha Wolf bullnosed 9x19 Compensator
  • Carver Custom 4 Port 9x19 Compensator
  • Lone Wolf 9 9x19 Compensator
  • Strike Industries G4 slide compensator 9x19
  • Pmag GL9 9x19 magazine
  • SGMT Drum mag for Glock 9x19, 50 rounds capacity
  • "Big Stick" magazine for Glock 9x19
  • Glock ZEV Tech Front sight
  • Glock ZEV Tech Rear sight
  • Dead Ringer Snake Eye Glock front sight
  • Dead Ringer Snake Eye Glock rear sight
  • Truglo TFX Glock front sight
  • Truglo TFX Glock rear sight
  • Aimtech Glock base mount
  • Aimtech Tiger Shark mount
  • UM Tactical UM3 mount
  • Fischer Development FD917 silencer
  • Pachmayr Tactical rubberized plate


  • Server performance optimization
  • The first iteration of the network code optimization is complete


  • Visual artifacts when switching magnification modes on certain optical sights
  • Insurance now displays the correct time remaining until return, if it exceeds the 24 hours
  • Fixed bugs with gaining trader loyalty levels and its correct display on screen
  • Quick access pane is now properly displayed in the raid with the option "always show UI elements"
  • The Complete and OK buttons are no longer duplicated
  • The stack separation window now shows the total number of stack items (previously capped at to 4 characters)
  • Location deployment time increased to 20 seconds
  • When moving from the letter, money is now moved to the stash via CTRL + CLICK
  • At the lobby screen, your friends now appear just below your nickname
  • At the item transfer screen, you can now open containers, vests, backpacks, etc.
  • The number of deaths and kills in the statistics is no longer duplicated
  • Now the kill counts correctly if the victim has died from subsequent bleeding
  • Fixed a glitch that allowed using a weapon from secure container
  • Fixed other glitches, allowing the use of a weapon that cannot be subsequently looted
  • Fixed various bugs that reduced the game performance
  • Adjusted the prone character physics (the ability to see through walls while prone)
  • Fixed unarmed character animation


  • Reduced value of dogtags by 30%
  • Reduced characteristics of some helmets and body armor
  • Increased the damage of 9x19mm cartridges
  • Changed the spawn chances for certain items
  • Increased image saturation
  • ALT + click now sets equipment into the free character slot
  • Changed priority of item moving
  • CTRL + CLICK now moves any magazine immediately into the vest/chest rig
  • Any item obtained through trade or modification of weapons will be moved to character’s stash
  • Character can try to jump with broken legs or legs with 0 hp, takes damage when landing
  • You can no longer hold breath without aiming
  • Friends are displayed on top of the global chat
  • Changed the relation between stamina recovery and the amount of stamina remaining, depending on the amount of energy the character has. At 0 energy stamina recovers more slowly and being spent faster

v0.7.3.928 (6 Feb 2018)


  • Fixed several cases of game crashes
  • Increased client stability

v0.7.2.921 (2 Feb 2018)


  • Bug that caused parts of the weapon to move during gestures
  • Increased server stabilization
  • Quick-slashing with melee now drains stamina
  • Scav timer decreased to 20 minutes (was 30)

v0.7.1.910 (1 Feb 2018)

  • Fixed global chat

v0.7.0.905 (1 Feb 2018)


  • Redesigned door interaction, the doors open and close faster now


  • Physics processing optimization


  • Bug that changed the size of weapons according to changes in FOV
  • Fixed night vision device visuals with FOV 75
  • Bug that prevented the flare effect when character was facing direct laser sighting device ray
  • Correct experience gained upon quest completion
  • Correct display of cash remaining in stash while trading
  • Bug that made it impossible to leave something in the same spot where something was already left by somebody else
  • Various fixes of visuals on locations
  • Introduced several fixes to issues that were causing errors in the game client
  • Correct recalculation of the equivalent item price upon removing it from sale space


  • Trader menu can now be opened by clicking anywhere in the trader info frame
  • Open container windows (with contents of backpacks, vests etc) now can’t be moved outside the screen
  • Tomahawk swinging depletes stamina now
  • Changed BEAR character T-shirt color
  • Changed the pistol position when you stand close to the wall

v0.6.8.891 (26 Jan 2018)


  • More stable version of the server

v0.6.7.883 (25 Jan 2018)


  • Fixed multiple query send on repair and insure
  • Fixed sprint sound muting after jumps
  • Fixed reconnect error
  • Decreased character air control
  • Fixed culling group error which could lead to game crash
  • Fixed errors linked to sounds in offline game mode
  • Other minor client and server fixes

v0.6.6.877 (23 Jan 2018)


  • Fixed reload exception on server
  • Fixed door IDs on maps
  • Fixed UI error while exiting location
  • Fixed door scripts which generated bot malfunctions
  • Improved server ballistics
  • Fixed Fence overcapacity errors

v0.6.5.876 (22 Jan 2018)


  • Load process halt before profile load
  • Errors after player's death
  • Null soundbank check
  • Errors while looting the lootcontainers
  • Increased Fence stash size by 30%
  • Chat malfunction error

v0.6.4.872 (22 Jan 2018)


  • Weapon initialization fail when reconnect
  • Game starting error when reconnect

v0.6.3.871 (21 Jan 2018)


  • Fixed bug preventing players from using offline mode
  • Updating of servers with various stabilization corrections

v0.6.2.869 (20 Jan 2018)


  • Disappearing corpses after reconnection
  • Bug that caused players hand to lock up when checking a 4-round magazine in the TOZ-106
  • Fixed Error 228 when loading ammo

v0.6.0.861 (19 Jan 2018)


  • Additional small passage area at the Customs
  • Extended spawn area in the outskirts of the Woods
  • New ammo 7.62x51 MM M61 (armor piercing) 7.62x51 MM M62 (tracer)

AI Improvements:

  • Bots now correctly close the doors that hinder their passage
  • Fixed the bug that allowed bots to occupy the same position
  • Reduced accuracy of AI grenade throws


  • Server performance optimization
  • Skills tab loading optimization
  • Minor optimization of locations


  • Server errors potentially leading to disconnects and desync
  • Bug that changed the extraction points after reconnect
  • Bug that displayed “The price has been changed" error while trading
  • Perception skill progress is now counted properly for long in-raid times
  • Bug with SMG skill ergonomics bonus
  • Bug with Sniper Rifle skill recoil bonus
  • Correct item examining speed bonus
  • Bug with looting sound hangup
  • Bug related to profile processing on reconnect
  • Bug in helmet level-dependent earpiece functioning
  • Bug related to profile saving
  • Redesigned player spawn points at the Woods location
  • Visual and functional fixes of locations
  • Bug that prevented the second beacon installation attempt if the character was killed during the first one
  • Adjustments of the quest mechanics
  • Quest skill level requirement detection bug
  • Bug with insurance disappearing
  • A number of bugs related to the screens’ overlapping
  • Part of the bugs associated with hands deadlocking while opening doors
  • Various effects fixes
  • Adjusted helper point of the Attention skill (not shown while aiming, works only with single loot items)
  • Various fixes associated with sounds
  • Minor interface fixes
  • Bug fixes that affect performance
  • Now, killing members of your own group during group raid won't affect the progress of quests with kills goal
  • Bug that caused a group of players to spawn on each other's heads


  • Perception skill now increases with objects that you have picked up, not just discovered
  • The game can now only be run through the launcher
  • Added window mode selection to the launcher settings (exclusive fullscreen, borderless) ( - In launcher settings)
  • Pressing O once now displays the session end timer, pressing it twice shows the list of extraction points
  • 10 minutes before the end of the raid, the timer will turn red
  • Added high ping notification (upper right corner). It will be displayed if the ping exceeds 100.

v0.5.4.823 (30 Dec 2017)


  • Fixed flooding error with dynamix decals;
  • Fixed bug with missing loaded ammo before the raid;
  • Fixed critical load error (cartridge error);
  • Altered key spawns chances.

v0.5.3.822 (29 Dec 2017)


  • Fixed errors that caused disconnects in particular conditions
  • Scope zeroing error with non-standard FOV
  • Scopes visuals fix
  • Fixed errors that occurred on destruction of hands holding melee or throwable weapons
  • Fixed display of composite items at traders’
  • Fixed errors on death/kill
  • Fixed errors with dynamic decals leading to FPS drops
  • Removed matching queue limitation that caused error 605
  • Fixed server crashes on reload
  • Visual improvements of thermal scope
  • Fixed critical backend error related to ammo loading

v0.5.2.817 (28 Dec 2017)


  • Ammunition info window now features a separate caliber field
  • Optimized insurance price request
  • Looting sound is now emitted from the center of a looted object
  • Looting sound volume decreased
  • Fixed problem with disappearing movement noise
  • Fixed the painkiller consumption error that occurred while armed with melee weapons

v0.5.1.815 (27 Dec 2017)


  • Fix of the server errors that caused hang-up at the Awaiting Session screen
  • Smuggler's Boat extraction point is now displayed on the map
  • For convenience of identification dogtags now have enemy nicknames as item name instead of just “Dogtag”
  • Correct chat display of “care package” sent to player if total worth of items in inventory is less than 20000 RUB
  • Fixed pivot points for some items
  • Correct display of timer for chance extraction points
  • Healing and looting notifications are now shown in online game
  • Fixed vegetation shader
  • Close option will no longer be displayed with dead body/jacket
  • Various fixes of the game server
  • Fixed incorrect visuals of flare on one of the Customs extraction points
  • Fixed incorrect season of the year in weather settings (the daytime was too short)
  • All sights and scopes are by default set to minimum zeroing distance
  • Potential fixes of noiseless steps problem
  • Fixes of visual distortion of lines in reflex sights
  • Balancing fixes of loot tables and AI equipment
  • Other fixes and optimizations.

v0.5.0.811 (26 Dec 2017)

  • This update wiped player levels and stashes.

New weapons:

  • SR-1MP
  • AKMS
  • AKMN
  • TOZ-106


  • Trijicon REAP-IR thermal imaging sight
  • Ops-Core Fast MT SUPER HIGH CUT Helmet
  • Helmet customization, at this stage including enhancement of Ops-Core Fast helmet capabilities through selection of its modular parts.
  • Ops-Core Fast GUNSIGHT Mandible - additional armor piece for the helmet (+20 pts)
  • Extra Ops-Core Fast Side Armor - additional armor piece for the helmet (+10 pts)
  • Ops-Core FAST RAC Helmet Headset - active headset for the helmet
  • Ops-Core FAST Visor for the helmet (acts like glasses)
  • Ops-Core FAST multi-hit ballistic face shield and visor (+1 armor class, acts as glasses as well)
  • Number of inventory slots taken up by weapon now depends on installed mods
  • Folding and unfolding stocks now reflects on number of storage slots taken up by weapon
  • New points of deployment and extraction on locations, they can only be chosen if the character has a location map in the inventory
  • New headwear slots, allowing to combine glasses, masks, helmets and headsets
  • Dogtags, a new slot of the dead character body, which holds the identification tags with nickname, level, and affiliation of the character.
  • A list of characters you killed during session. If you kill a character and gather his dogtag, the player information will appear in the end-session kill list.
  • Complete Shoreline location
  • Peacekeeper quests, new Skier quests
  • New Mental category skills:
  • Perception
  • Attentiveness
  • Memory
  • New Combat category skills:
  • Pistols
  • SMGs
  • automatic and assault rifles
  • shotguns
  • DMRs
  • sniper rifles
  • light machine guns
  • recoil control


  • Redesigned weapon mastering
  • Adjusted scopes, added scope zeroing

AI Improvements:

  • Bots can now go prone
  • While playing as Scav, you can use gestures to interact with the bots (gestures "follow me", "forward", "stop")
  • Adjusted sniper bots behavior
  • Improved ambush points search
  • Fixed part of bugs causing bots teleporting through the doors
  • Fixed part of bugs where bots got stuck on ladders


  • Server optimizations


  • Double grenades throw bug
  • Invisible grenade throw bug
  • Bug that kept playing outdoor sounds in Factory
  • Bug that allowed more than one player to buy an item sold to the trader
  • A bug which allowed loading one into chamber with loaded magazine
  • Bug with visuals of rain
  • Fixed container interaction colliders (bags, boxes, safes, etc.)
  • Bug with shots not going through chainlink fences
  • Bug with bullet ballistic trajectory calculation
  • Correct display of the required barter items number
  • Minor fixes to locations


  • When completing time-limited quests, when the conditions are met before the limit, the timer stops and the quest can be turned in at any time
  • Double click now opens container itself and not container inspector
  • Now, when you drag an object onto the backpack, vest or container - it gets put into it automatically
  • Visually adjusted melee weapon strikes

Pre-Patch Madness (20 Dec 2017)

  • Due to upcoming wipe, all items from traders were discounted 99%. (later changed to 50%)

v0.4.2.717 (29 Nov 2017)


  • Server optimization
  • Data loading process optimization


  • Most of the problems causing the so-called “immortality effect”, particularly those related to player getting stuck on serve
  • Fixed several server-side bugs
  • Various fixes of trading interfaces and backend

v0.4.1.706 (22 Nov 2017)


  • The night version of the Factory location (can be selected by switching the time of day before entering the raid)
  • New barter items
  • Izhmash 6L10 7.62x39 magazine for AK and compatibles, 30-round capacity
  • Kiba Arms VDM CS Gas tube
  • Wooden Izhmash AKM pistol grip for AK
  • Izhmash 7.62x39 AKMS aluminium magazine for AK and compatibles, 30-round capacity
  • Black Magpul RVG tactical grip
  • Krebs Custom UFM Keymod System handguard for AKM
  • Zenit DTK-4M muzzle brake
  • Tromix Monster Claw 12ga muzzle brake
  • Palm 30 7.62x39 magazine for AK and compatibles, 30-round capacity
  • Saiga-9 9x19 carbine
  • Fortis Shift Vertical Grip tactical grip
  • New containers for weapons, items, money, keys


  • RAM consumption optimization
  • Optimization of traffic and connection stability


  • Bug that twisted Scavs’ hands
  • Bug that caused the game to hang at black screen after character’s death
  • Bug when player who has been killed by a headshot could not see who was the killer
  • Fire now deals damage on Shoreline location
  • Disappearing quest items upon reconnection
  • Bug that displayed voice command binding
  • Bug with quick voice command disappearing after you have cured only one negative effect out of several
  • Bug with visuals of rain and soaking
  • Fixed part of the bugs, which caused the spawning characters to “fly” from zero point to spawn points
  • Bug with mail messages loading
  • Bug with incorrect quest status
  • Fixes and optimizations for water visuals
  • Fixed double abdominal damage


  • The Runner status now gets added to the survivals in statistics
  • Changed conditions and reduced chances of getting bleeding and fractures

v0.4.0.580 (27 Oct 2017)

  • This update wiped player levels and stashes.

Added over 70 new items, including:

  • AK-systems now have spare gas tubes. Thanks to that, the customization potential of AK (including Vityaz SMG) has significantly increased
  • New 7.62x39 ammo
  • New 5.56x45 ammo
  • New 366 TKM ammo
  • New barter items
  • New headwear
  • Kolpak 1S shockproof helmet
  • Module 3M body armor
  • Pilgrim travel backpack (5x7)
  • Wartech load bearing equipment (TV-109, TV-106) (2x2, 1x2, 1x2, 1x1,1x1)
  • Armytek Predator Pro v3 XHP35 HI flashlight
  • SKS-OP added for sale
  • Rail mounts for modding handguards of LVOA and other Key Mod
  • New Trijicon ACOG 3.5x35 optical sight
  • added a blind-fire functionality (ALT+W up, ALT+D to the side)
  • Added function of folding/unfolding stock (ALT+L).
  • Added full system of gestures and commands. Commands now bound to controls keys. Dynamic commands
  • AKM
  • VPO-209
  • VPO-136
  • DVL 10 M1 "SABOTEUR" with silencer
  • Some of the new weapon body kits

AI improvements:

  • Adjusted AI hearing
  • Bots now have the chance to see the grenade thrown at them and try to run away
  • Changed vegetation colliders for AI sight. Now bots will see through vegetation correctly.
  • Bots react to bullets that fly near them
  • Fixed bug of bots not throwing grenades
  • Added new spawn spots
  • Bots can start tracking you now
  • Expanded bot patrol zones
  • Changed the mechanics of bots aiming at particular body parts
  • Bots now use flashlights at night
  • If player uses a flashlight, the chance of being spotted by bots increases


  • Optimization of RAM
  • Optimization of Customs location
  • Fixed one of the problems causing memory leak
  • Optimization of traffic
  • Fixed part of the cases causing freezes


  • Bug where melee weapons caused no damage with fast hit (double hit of melee weapon button when equipped with other weapons)
  • Bug on quest fail during raid
  • Bug in which could use the quest item in raid even if it was placed in offline quest stash
  • Bug of remains of kicked-down doors preventing character movement
  • Quest "Stirrup" can no longer be completed by suicides
  • Problems associated with sounds, when they were either not played or not played correctly
  • Now, when switching from optics to reflex sight, mouse sensitivity changes
  • Bug that marked quest as failed in case of reentering the game
  • Visual bug that shown grenade still in hand during and after the throw
  • Bug that sometimes prevented character from moving up to interactive objects
  • Bug that lets you chamber more than one round
  • Bug allowing to install weapon mod within itself (in the Inspector through the context menu)
  • Bug that prevented the number of shotgun shells in store from updating on reload
  • Bug that allowed you to pick up items through the doors
  • Visual bug which does not play the animation of Saiga 12k mag checking
  • Visual bug displaying weight in the trade window
  • Removed the ability to modify weapon mods in the trade window
  • Bug that, upon changing the FOV in the game settings, but not applying it, changed the size of the moon in optics and aim down weapons
  • Bug, where environment sounds on Shoreline location, have not changed from the sound settings of the game
  • Bug that affected optics reticle texture quality when changing texture quality in settings
  • Partially fixed ability to loot through doors
  • When using the medication through quick access, the logic of the application is now as follows:

Applied to the most damaged part of the body except those with 0 health If some body parts are bleeding and a first aid kit removes it, the most damaged bleeding body part is selected Foot fractures are treated in the first place, hands in the last The rest of priorities depend on negative effects and whether the effects are present Other medicines: Applied to the most damaged part of the body, with a negative effect that is eliminated by this medicine

Other changes and additions:

  • Now ammo can affect the parameters of weapon accuracy and recoil
  • Eliminating negative effect (such as bleeding, fracture) with a first-aid kit now also depletes its capacity
  • Changed characteristics of ammo. Now the difference is more evident
  • The number and height of grass at open locations
  • Fixed the amount of experience for different character actions in the raid
  • Balancing adjustments of traders, goods and their barter schemes
  • Adjusted prices for a number of items
  • Adjusted ammo prices, damage, penetration, etc.
  • Fixed and added new item spawn points, containers
  • New mechanics of damage to the missing parts of the body. Now destroyed limbs (hands, feet) do not kill the player with shock, but damage received by them is multiplied by 2 and distributed over other parts of the body. Chest and head are still considered lethal areas.
  • With abdomen destroyed, a character can no longer eat or drink.
  • Increased freedom of head rotation in free look
  • Increased recoil of M4A1
  • Reduced brightness of grenade explosion
  • Corrected some of the rain effects
  • Adjusted cost of insurance
  • Added new ricochet sounds
  • Lowered chance of secondary bleeding
  • Adjusted medkits HP capacities
  • Reduced density of volumetric fog from flashlights
  • Increased draw distance of surface hit effects
  • New setting of image sharpness (Sharpen) the Graphics settings
  • Fixed ballistic eyewear model
  • Added effects to destroyed hands (tremors, increased stamina consumption)
  • Shot clicks are now overlapped by obstacles
  • The sounds of outdoor gunfire now sound as shooting in an open space. And vice versa.
  • Increased volume of item usage sounds
  • Fixed and added back the Punisher part 6 quest
  • Added a new Scav head
  • Added splash screen on loading

v0.3.2.492 (2 Oct 2017)

  • Small technical update. Servers were uninterrupted.

v0.3.1.486 (30 Sep 2017)


  • Partially fixed hanging up on "Awaiting Server Response" screen, the problem is expected to be completely resolved in the major update
  • Minor RAM optimizations
  • Visual effects, brightness adjustments


  • Corrected silencer sounds (longer hearing distance now)
  • Changed M4 silenced fire sound

v0.3.0.475 (27 Sep 2017)


  • 3 new Prapor quests of the Punisher series
  • Trader reputation recovery quests


  • Display of quest unlock conditions
  • Technical server side bug
  • Quest notification localization in English
  • Global chat fixes
  • Correct quest failure in all cases, including in-raid
  • Multiple notifications of the same time are now united into one
  • Correct active headset operation
  • Visual effects optimization and enhanced draw distance
  • Daylight cycle optimization

v0.2.133.457 (21 Sep 2017)


  • New Prapor quest

AI Improvement:

  • Improved AI accuracy


  • Bug that allowed bots to spawn close to players
  • Several weapon exploits
  • Quest bug that, when performing two item search quests in one location, caused failure of either one or both items to appear
  • Bug that reduplicated quest items in the quest stash
  • Fixed bug that prevented quest from completion due to PC time settings change
  • Fixed absence of gestures with knife
  • Fixes on Factory location related to takedown of location part
  • Several minor optimizations of Customs
  • Fixed exploits at Customs
  • Fixed quest icons
  • Adjusted particular items spawn chances


  • Decreased experience gain for using medical supplies
  • Increased speed of day cycle change up to x4.5

v0.2.120.435 (18 Sep 2017)


  • Quests, first batch of story-based tasks available through Tasks tab in trader interface
  • Gesture and voice comes system (partially)
  • Now character tumbles down grass
  • Notification on the current firing mode on weapon when switching and/or checking firing mode
  • PP-19-01 Vityaz SN
  • Grenade fragments physics system
  • New armor damage calculation formulae
  • Redesigned PMC hands in first-person
  • PMC character voice selection in game settings. Two voice options for every PMC character.

AI Improvements:

  • Added smooth turns
  • Improved cover-seeking algorithm
  • Fixed a part of staircase-stuck bugs
  • Fixed bug that caused excessive patrol point switching
  • Fixed bug that prevented bots from reaching the patrol point
  • Added aim shift on receiving damage
  • Added new R&R waypoints for bots and alternative patrol routes
  • Added shooting of legs in cases when bots only see legs
  • Enemy spotting speed now depends on alertness level
  • Sniper now provides covering fire for adjacent bots
  • Chance of hearing now depends on a distance
  • New bot zones at Shoreline


  • Data loading order
  • Shader optimization


  • About 20 exploits of using weapons and items that are not in inventory
  • Correct fall damage
  • Long-distance pushback bug
  • Part of the desync bugs
  • Part of the server join bugs
  • Part of raid completion bugs
  • Bug that allow Strength skill to get leveled by repeatedly left-clicking while throwing grenade
  • Fixed doubling of items through secure container
  • Сorrected bush movement noise
  • Incorrect raid results stats
  • Weapon modding screen blur bug when using non-native resolution
  • Fixed melted weapons hit effects
  • Fixed cash flow display in trading interface, traders list and standing levels
  • Fixed filtering out of items which are not in loot containers
  • Fixed bug caused by simultaneous door opening by two characters
  • Fixed bug that caused weapons to freeze while opening or closing doors or turning NVD on and off
  • Visual fixes of indoor lighting
  • Various minor fixes
  • Multiple fixes of collisions on locations that caused character to get stuck
  • Chest rig display using Open button now shows slots correctly.


  • To unlock loyalty levels it is now necessary to upgrade standing by performing quests
  • Amount of experience for healing
  • Adjusted ammunition damage
  • Now group player spawn close to each other
  • Loyalty levels now unlock separate tabs
  • Cash flow with the trader
  • Repair and insurance purchase now added to loyalty level
  • Character weapons now interacts with other characters as objects (character raises it)
  • If the weapon mod has slots for other mods, they can now be removed without weapon.

v0.2.101.424 (13 Sep 2017)

  • Preliminary version of Only released as patch notes.

v0.2.82.388 (9 Aug 2017)


  • Rare bug that made players invisible for a while
  • Chest rig exploit that allowed binding weapons and medication and using them out of secure container
  • Bug that kept the equipment of the character intact if the player refused to reconnect to the existing game
  • Fixed one of the AI characteristics that was handled incorrectly
  • Corrected AI vision at night
  • Bug that prevented players from using NVGs that were found on location if the character entered the game without one equipped.

v0.2.67.302 (27 Jul 2017)

  • Beta begins
  • First wave of beta testers are given access, in order of pre-order date.
  • All users received access by August 4th.
  • NDA lifted, users who violated NDA were unbanned soon after.


  • Major quality changes of weather system
  • Character sliding on steep slopes and angled surfaces
  • Shoreline location (half of location at the moment)


  • RAM consumption optimization
  • Animation system optimization
  • Balancing changes at Customs and Factory locations

AI optimizations:

  • Bots won't be able to see perfectly through grass *
  • Added voice phrases for different situations
  • Changed sniper firing rate depending on distance to target (shots grow rare as distance grows)
  • Bots now react to sounds of opening doors and crates
  • Player becomes more noticeable to bots when firing
  • Added bot reactions to getting hit
  • Bots can now check the bodies
  • If the body belongs to PMC character, bot can fire a security round
  • If the body is that of a Scav from the same group, he could attempt search for the killer


  • Bug with ambient sounds that could cause their disappearance
  • "Moon effect" in scope at different FoV settings
  • Bug that prevented items attached to weapon from being insured
  • Bug that made character stuck in axe swing animation
  • Bug that set character movement speed to 0 after searching some of the crates
  • Visual fixes of global chat
  • Visual fixes related to bullet flight
  • Bug that disabled time of day selection in the Offline game
  • Various interface fixes
  • Most of the inventory sync problems related to weapons
  • Bug that removed visual display of negative health effects after reconnect
  • Bug that caused character only move head in aiming mode but not weapon
  • Bug that prevented 3rd-person procedural animation of recoil from playing
  • M67 grenade weight*


  • Improvements of charater movement control and physics


The Escape from Tarkov Alpha was available to owners of the Edge of Darkness edition and some owners of the Left Behind and Prepare for Escape edition. A non-disclosure agreement was in place during most of the alpha testing.

Extended Alpha (28 Dec 2016)

Closed Alpha (4 Aug 2016)

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