Chest rigs

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Chest rigs play the most important role in your adventures into Tarkov - Carrying and storing magazines and ammunition.

List[edit | edit source]

Armored[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Inside View Total Slots Armor class Armor zones Durability Movement speed Turn speed Ergonomics
M2Inventory.PNG ANA Tactical M2 armored rig M2InsideView.png 18 3 Chest and stomach 40 -8% -5% -2 Ergonomics
TactecIcon.png 5.11 Tactec plate carrier TactTecInside.png 18 4 Chest 45 -5% -3% -1 Ergonomics

Unarmored[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Inside View Total Slots
Alpha Rig icon.png ANA Tactical Alpha chest rig Alpha Rig Slots.png 20
Mk3.PNG Wartech MK3 chest rig (TV-104) MK3InsideView.png 20
CommandoRigIcon.png Blackhawk! Commando Chest Harness CommandoRigInside.png 16
Scout Sniper rig icon.png UMTBS 6sh112 Scout-Sniper Scout Sniper rig Slots.png 12
Wartech gear rig icon.png Wartech gear rig (TV-109, TV-106) Wartech Slots.png 10
AVS icon.png Crye Precision AVS chest rig AVS Slots.png 10
Blackrock Icon.png BlackRock chest rig Blackrock Slots.png 10
Scav Vest icon.png Scav Vest Scav Vest Slots.png 6
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