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Consumables are used to restore hydration and energy.

List[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Energy Hydration Notes
Army Crackers icon.png Army Crackers +10 -5
Condmilkicon.png Condensed milk +60 -50 Barter Item
Slickers bar icon.png Slickers bar +30 -15
Sugar icon.png Pack of sugar +70 -45 Barter Item
Saury icon.png Can of pacific saury +48 -2 Barter Item
Rye Croutons.png Rye croutons +20 -10
Emeyla Croutons.png Emelya rye croutons +20 -10
Humpback icon.png Humpback salmon +50 -5
Peas icon.png Can of green peas +35 +5
Can of beef stew alt Icon.png Can of beef stew +40 -5
Can of beef stew Icon.png Can of beef stew (flat) +45 -5 Need 30x for Quest General Wares
Oatflakes icon.png Pack of oat flakes +40 -13
Herring icon.png Can of herring +47 -3
Squash Spread icon.png Squash spread +45 0
Alyonka Chocolate Bar icon.png Alyonka chocolate bar +35 -15 Barter Item
Lunchbox icon.png Iskra lunch box +80 +20
MRE icon.png MRE lunch box +70 +10 Need 5x for Quest Humanitarian Supplies

Barter Item

Water icon.png 0.6L water bottle 0 +60
Pineapple Juice icon.png Russian Army pineapple juice +10 +50
Green Tea icon.png Green Ice 0 +20
Apple Juice icon.png Apple juice 0 +40
Grand Juice icon.png Grand juice 0 +40
Vita Juice icon.png Vita juice +10 +40
NRG Drink icon.png Max energy +10 +10 Barter Item
Tar Cola icon.png TarCola +5 +15 Barter Item
Pack ofMilk icon.png Pack of milk +30 +20
Hor Rod icon.png Hot Rod +10 +20 Barter Item

Notes[edit | edit source]

The stats shown in the list above are the base stats for how the items will effect you. The skill Metabolism will change how these items effect your character.

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