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Containers, as the name suggests, are items for containing things. These items can not be equipped on the character but are used to free up inventory space by providing storage and taking up fewer inventory slots.

List[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Inner Dimensions Outer Dimensions Holds
Items case icon.png Items case 8x8 4x4 Everything except Containers, Tactical Rigs, Earpieces, and Backpacks
Weapon case icon.png Weapon case 5x10 5x2 Weapons, Ammunition, and Mods
Money case icon.png Money case 6x6 3x2 Roubles, Dollars, and Euros
Keybar icon.png Key-bar tool 4x4 1x1 Keys
Document-Case.png Documents case 4x4 2x1 Keys, Roubles, Dollars, Euros and Maps
Pistol-Case.png Pistol case 3x3 2x2 Pistols, Magazines, and Ammunition
Wallet icon.png Wallet 2x2 1x1 Roubles, Dollars, and Euros
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