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There are multiple currencies in Escape from Tarkov, the most used one is Roubles (₽). Currencies can be looted across all maps, in various loot containers, safes, wallets, and on random furniture, e.g. bookshelves, wardrobes and tables.

Different currencies[edit | edit source]

There are also other currencies, such as Dollars ($) and Euros (€).

Dollars are the main currency of Peacekeeper, while Euros are mostly used for buying from Mechanic. Unlike Roubles and Dollars, Euros cannot be earned by selling items to a trader. These must be purchased from Skier at loyalty level 2.

Different quests will also yield a certain amount of currency.

Image Name Obtainable by
Dollarsicon.png Dollars
Eurosicon.png Euros
  • Looting
  • Buying from Skier LL2
Roublesicon.png Roubles