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General data
Duration50 minutes
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Customs is a location in Escape from Tarkov. It is the second location that was added to the game.

Description[edit | edit source]

Large piece of industrial park adjacent to the factory - includes customs terminal, dorm, fuel oil storage and other infrastructure objects.

Features[edit | edit source]

The Dorms are two buildings located in the northern most area of the map. The western building is three stories tall while the eastern building is two stories tall. Each structure boats a front entrance and a fire escape at each end with doorways leading to each floor (some of which are blocked or permenantly locked).These dorms are the location of many Quests and unlockable rooms.

Construction is a two story concrete frame of a building. This structure had a wide view of the river crossing and bridge.

Gas Station is a building at a choke point on the map and must be passed unless the player has the Factory exit key which can be used to open a shortcut.

Military Checkpoint is at the end of the road past the Gas Station. This point has many Scavs and is the only location with easy access through the wall to the extraction zones.

Usable Keys[edit | edit source]

Icon Key Lock Location
Dorm 103 icon.png Dorm room 103 Key 3 Story Dorm
Key-303-Icon.png Dorm room 303 Key 3 Story Dorm
Key-104-Icon.png Dorm room 104 Key 2 Story Dorm
Key-306.png Dorm room 306 Key 3 Story Dorm
Key-105-Icon.png Dorm room 105 Key 2 Story Dorm
Key-308-Icon.png Dorm room 308 Key 3 Story Dorm
Key-108-Icon.png Dorm room 108 Key 3 Story Dorm
Key-315-Icon.png Dorm room 315 Key 3 Story Dorm
Key-110-Icon.png Dorm room 110 Key 2 Story Dorm
Marked-key-Icon.png Marked key 3 Story Dorm
Key-114-Icon.png Dorm room 114 Key 2 Story Dorm
Machinery-key-Icon.png Machinery key Truck at Construction
Dorm 118 icon.png Dorm room 118 Key 3 Story Dorm
Customs-office-key-Icon.png Customs office key Red Warehouse on the western side of the river
Key-203-Icon.png Dorm room 203 Key 3 Story Dorm
Portable-cabin-key-Icon.png Portable cabin key Bus Depot near the 2 Story Dorm
Key-204-Icon.png Dorm room 204 Key 3 Story Dorm
Cabinet-key-Icon.png Portable cabin key of customs Factory zone Between Pit and Bus Depot
Key-206-Icon.png Dorm room 206 Key 2 Story Dorm
Portable-cabin-key-Icon.png Trailer park cabin key Trailer Park near the Red Warehouse on the western side of the river
Key-214-Icon.png Dorm room 214 Key 3 Story Dorm
Cabinet-key-Icon.png Cabinet key Gas Station near Shortcut
Key-218-Icon.png Dorm room 218 Key 3 Story Dorm
Unknown-key-Icon.png Unknown key Cabin near Shortcut
Key-220-Icon.png Dorm room 220 Key 3 Story Dorm
Car-key-Icon.png Car key Dorms parking lot
GDesk-Key-Icon.png Dorm guard desk key 2 Story Dorm
Factory key icon.png Factory exit key Shortcut
Checkpoint Key icon.png Military base checkpoint key Checkpoint
Storage-Key-Icon.png The key to the gas station storage room Gas Station near Shortcut

Maps[edit | edit source]

Ingame Map
Customs Map

3D Map with Callouts/Extractions/Doors
Customs callouts 1080.jpg

3D Map with Loot/Extractions/Doors
Customs 3d Full.jpg

Dorms Map with Doors/Loot

Strategies[edit | edit source]

  • Customs is a mainly mid-ranged map, so it's recommended that players bring:
  • Camping on top of the location known as "Construction" is a common strategy as a single player can watch the bridge and most of what's across the river. Two teammates on top of construction can have almost complete coverage of all the players trying to advance past the first third of the map.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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