Dead Scav

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Dead Scav
General data
TypeLoot Container
Grid size4x4

Dead Scav is a Loot Container in Escape from Tarkov.

Description[edit | edit source]

Corpse of a deceased scav. A 4x4 loot container that spawns Barter Items, Food and Drink, PM's, and medical loot.

Loot Table[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Type Spawn Chance Rarity
PowerbankIcon.png Powerbank Energy element 2% Rare
Car Battery Icon.png Car battery Energy element 8% Rare
AA Battery Icon 2.png AA Battery Energy element 20% Common
D Size Battery Icon.png D Size Battery Energy element 10% Common
Recicon.png Rechargeable battery Energy element 10% Rare
Duct tape Icon.png Duct tape Building Material 25% Common
Insulating tape Icon.png Insulating tape Building Material 20% Rare
Hoseicon.png Corrugated hose Building Material 12% Rare
Nailsicon.png A pack of nails Building Material 5% Common
Plexicon.png Piece of plexiglas Building Material 6% Rare
Screwsicon.png A pack of screws Building Material 8% Common
Xenoicon.png Xenomorph sealing foam Building Material 12% Super Rare
Shusicon.png Shustrilo sealing foam Building Material 8% Super Rare
Boltsicon.png Bolts Building Material 35% Common
Screwnuticon.png Screw nut Building Material 35% Common
COFDM Icon.png Military COFDM wireless Signal Transmitter Electronics 0.05% Super Rare
UHFRFIDIcon.png UHF RFID Reader Electronics 0.05% Super Rare
VPXFlashIcon.png VPX Flash Storage Module Electronics 0.05% Super Rare
Virtex programmable processor Icon.png Virtex programmable processor Electronics 0.05% Super Rare
Wiresicon.png Wires Electronics 15% Common
Capacitorsicon.png Capacitors Electronics 15% Common
Tetriz icon.png Tetriz portable game Electronics 0.4% Rare
PC CPU Icon.png PC CPU Electronics 5% Rare
CPU Fan Icon.png CPU Fan Electronics 20% Rare
DVD drive Icon.png DVD drive Electronics 20% Rare
Electric Drill icon.png Electric drill Electronics 6% Super Rare
Damaged Hard Drive Icon.png Damaged hard drive Electronics 17% Rare
Magnet Icon.png Magnet Electronics 4% Super Rare
Circuit Icon.png Printed circuit board Electronics 10% Rare
Powercord icon.png Powercord Electronics 10% Rare
Spark Plug Icon .png Spark plug Electronics 10% Rare
Energy-Saving Lamp Icon.png Energy-saving lamp Electronics 17% Rare
Gas Analyzer Icon.png Gas analyzer Electronics 5% Super Rare
UV lamp Icon.png Ultraviolet lamp Electronics 4% Super Rare
Geiger-Mueller counter Icon.png Geiger-Muller counter Electronics 3% Super Rare
Broken GPhone x Icon.png Broken GPhone X Electronics 3% Super Rare
Broken GPhone Icon.png Broken GPhone Electronics 5% Super Rare
Psuicon.png Power supply unit Electronics 5% Rare
Ramicon.png RAM Electronics 3% Rare
T-Shaped Plug Icon.png T-Shaped Plug Electronics 25% Rare
USB Adapter Icon.png USB Adapter Electronics 20% Rare
Graphics Card icon.png Graphics card Electronics 2% Rare
1gphone icon.png Golden 1GPhone Electronics 0.3% Super Rare
Soap icon.png Soap Household Goods 9% Common
Toilet paper icon.png Toilet paper Household Goods 8% Rare
Printer Paper icon.png Printer paper Household Goods 5% Common
Heat-exchange alkali surface washer icon.png Heat-exchange alkali surface washer Household Goods 7% Rare
Paidicon.png Paid AntiRoach Household Goods 7% Rare
Bleachicon.png Ox bleach Household Goods 8% Rare
Sodium Bicarbonate icon.png Sodium bicarbonate Household Goods 8% Common
Clin Wiper icon.png Clin wiper Household Goods 6% Rare
Toothpasteicon.png Toothpaste Household Goods 11% Common
Deadlyslobs beard oil icon.png Deadlyslob's beard oil Household Goods 0.5% Super Rare
Chainlet icon.png Chainlet Valuables 5% Rare
Teapot icon.png Antique teapot Valuables 2% Super Rare
Vaseicon.png Antique vase Valuables 2% Super Rare
Prokill medallion Icon.png Chain with Prokill medallion Valuables 0.1% Super Rare
Golden neck chain Icon.png Golden neck chain Valuables 2% Rare
Horse figurine Icon.png Horse figurine Valuables 5% Rare
Caticon.png Cat figurine Valuables 2% Super Rare
Bronze Lion Icon.png Bronze lion Valuables 1% Super Rare
Roler icon.png Roler submariner gold wrist watch Valuables 1% Super Rare
Wooden clock icon.png Wooden clock Valuables 1% Super Rare
Bitcoin icon.png Physical bitcoin Valuables 1% Super Rare
GoldenRoosterIcon.png Golden rooster Valuables 0.5% Super Rare
Silver Badge icon.png Silver Badge Valuables 0.5% Super Rare
Cricket lighter Icon.png Crickent lighter Flammable materials 40% Common
Fuelcondicon.png Fuel conditioner Flammable materials 15% Super Rare
Dryfuelicon.png Dry fuel Flammable materials 5% Rare
WD40 100ml Icon.png WD-40 100ml. Flammable materials 2% Rare
Wd-40400icon.png WD-40 400ml Flammable materials 5% Super Rare
Matches Icon.png Classic matches Flammable materials 40% Common
Zibbo lighter Icon.png Zibbo lighter Flammable materials 15% Rare
5L propane tank icon.png 5L propane tank Flammable materials 5% Rare
FireKlean icon.png FireKlean gun lube Flammable materials 2% Super Rare
Defibrillatoricon.png Portable defibrillator Medical Supplies 0.05% Super Rare
TransilluminatorIcon.png LEDX Skin Transilluminator Medical Supplies 0.05% Super Rare
Medical Bloodset Icon.png Medical bloodset Medical Supplies 8% Rare
Hydrogen Peroxide icon.png Hydrogen peroxide Medical Supplies 6% Rare
Ophthalmoscopeicon.png Ophthalmoscope Medical Supplies 1% Super Rare
Saline Solution icon.png Saline solution Medical Supplies 6% Rare
PliersElite.png Pliers Elite Tool 2% Rare
Plier Icon.png Pliers Tool 21% Rare
Construction Measuring Tape Icon.png Construction measuring tape Tool 17% Rare
Screwdriver Icon.png Screwdriver Tool 18% Rare
Toolsicon.png A set of tools Tool 8% Super Rare
Wrench Icon.png Wrench Tool 18% Rare
FireSteelIcon.png Old firesteel Tool 0.3% Super Rare
ParacordIcon.png Paracord Other 7% Super Rare
Malboro Cigarettes Icon.png Malboro Cigarettes Other 40% Common
Coffeicon.png Coffee Majaica Other 7% Rare
Apollon Soyuz cigarettes Icon.png Apollon Soyuz cigarettes Other 50% Common
Cigred.png Strike Cigarettes Other 30% Common
Wilstonicon.png Wilston cigarettes Other 15% Common
Airfiltericon.png Air filter for gas mask Other 8% Rare
Gunpowder Icon.png Gunpowder "Kite" Other 6% Rare
EnglishTeaIcon.png 42nd Signature Blend English Tea Other 3% Super Rare
BatteredBookIcon.png Battered antique Book Other 4% Super Rare
Makarovmag.png 90-93 9x18PM Magazine, for 8 PM rounds Magazine 20% Common
PM icon.png PM 9x18PM pistol Pistol 15% Common
Green Tea icon.png Green Ice Drink 10% Common
Apple Juice icon.png Apple juice Drink 30% Rare
Grand Juice icon.png Grand juice Drink 30% Rare
Vita Juice icon.png Vita juice Drink 30% Rare
NRG Drink icon.png Max energy Drink 10% Common
Pack ofMilk icon.png Pack of milk Drink 25% Rare
Tar Cola icon.png TarCola Drink 8% Common
Aquamari icon.png Water bottle with a filter Aquamari Drink 6% Super Rare
Hor Rod icon.png Hot Rod Drink 21% Rare
Pineapple Juice icon.png Russian Army pineapple juice Drink 27% Rare
Water icon.png 0.6L water bottle Drink 5% Common
Can of sprats Icon.png Can of sprats Food 5% Rare
DDGMayoIcon.png Jar of DevilDog mayo Food 3% Super Rare
Alyonka Chocolate Bar icon.png Alyonka chocolate bar Food 15% Common
Can of beef stew Icon.png Can of beef stew Food 10% Common
Rye Croutons.png Rye croutons Food 15% Common
Can of beef stew alt Icon.png Can of delicious beef stew Food 20% Common
Condmilkicon.png Condensed milk Food 17% Rare
Emeyla Croutons.png Emelya rye croutons Food 25% Common
Herring icon.png Can of herring Food 15% Common
Humpback icon.png Humpback salmon Food 13% Common
Saury icon.png Can of pacific saury Food 12% Common
MRE icon.png MRE lunch box Food 20% Rare
Lunchbox icon.png Iskra lunch box Food 20% Common
Sugar icon.png Pack of sugar Food 12% Rare
Oatflakes icon.png Pack of oat flakes Food 15% Rare
Peas icon.png Can of green peas Food 12% Common
Slickers bar icon.png Slickers bar Food 19% Common
Squash Spread icon.png Squash spread Food 9% Common
Army Crackers icon.png Army Crackers Food 25% Common
AI-2 Icon.png AI-2 medikit Medkit 12% Common
EFT Aseptic-Bandage Icon.png Aseptic bandage Injury treatment 15% Common
EFT Splint Icon.png Immobilizing splint Injury treatment 15% Common
12x70BUCKSHOT.png 3-10 12x70 7mm Buckshot Ammo 50% Common
Roublesicon.png 560-1,150 Roubles Money 50% Common