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Dealmaker Portrait.png
General data
Full nameReshala
Additional Data
Spawn Chance35%

Reshala, known by his alias "Dealmaker", is a Boss in Escape from Tarkov.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Dealmaker and his followers have different health values to PMCs and Scavs.

Dealmaker's Health Stats Followers Health Stats
ReshalaHealthOverview.png Head: 62

Thorax: 138

Stomach: 120

Arms: 100 each

Legs: 110 each

Total: 740

GuardHealthOverview.png Head: 50

Thorax: 110

Stomach: 100

Arms: 80 per

Legs: 85 per

Total: 590

Instead of the typical x4 single slot pockets, he has x4 double slot and x2 single slot pockets bringing their total space to 10 slots.

Location[edit | edit source]

Dealmaker can be found on the map Customs either at the dorms or the gas station.

Customs Dealmaker Haunt.png

Behavior[edit | edit source]

He will normally try and stay at the back of the fight and hidden from the player's view. Dealmaker and his guards also have the ability to fire their weapons fully automatically, unlike their regular Scav counterparts. Additionally, he never wears armor. Be careful as a player scav because Dealmaker and his guards are automatically hostile to them and will attack without provocation.

Followers[edit | edit source]

Following Dealmaker around are 4 heavily armed guards. These guards will typically carry modded AK's loaded with various ammo types including tracer ammunition, tier 2-6 Armor vests, and tier 3-5 helmets that sometimes have visors. Unlike regular scavs, these guards are highly aggressive and will frequently push towards the player instead of taking cover. The followers all have the last name Zavodskoy.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

To kill Reshala first, the best tactic is to find him before being seen. He can be easily identified by his brown sweater, unlike his followers who wear blue jackets with white striped cuffs. After being spotted he will run behind his guards, forcing you to kill them first. Before spending time looting Reshala or his guards it's recommended that you kill all five of them as they will usually stay within close proximity to each other and will kill you while looting. The guards are very aggressive compared to normal scavs and will rush the player. When facing these guards be aware of their positions so you do not get caught off guard when they run up to you. Because the guards are frequently in close proximity to each other grenades can be highly effective at stunning or killing multiple of them at once, especially indoors. Be aware that they also have grenades and will throw both flashbangs and fragmentation grenades at you, even when you're out of their line of sight and hidden behind cover.

Loot[edit | edit source]

Note that the primary weapons can have numerous mod variations and those shown below are examples.

Icon Weapon Ammunition Mods
DealMakerAK101Suppressed.png AK-101 M856A1ICON.png Belomo PK-06 reflex sight, Magpul Handguard and Grip, PT-3 Stock (sometimes Rotor 43 Silencer)
Dealmaker-AK-102.png AK-102 M856A1ICON.png B-10M foregrip and various grips, (sometimes Rotor 43 Silencer)
Glock17 icon.png Glock 17 9x19pst.png Sometimes Osprey 9 Silencer
GoldenTTIcon.png Golden TT TTPGL.png
F-1 grenade icon.png F-1 Grenade

Icon Backpack
Flyye MBSS Backpack.png Flyye MBSS Backpack

Follower Loot[edit | edit source]

Note that the primary weapons and helmets can have numerous mod variations and those shown below are examples.


Trivia[edit | edit source]

Dealmaker's bodyguards' names are :

  • Anton Zavodskoy
  • Stas Zavodskoy
  • Gena Zavodskoy
  • Zhora Zavodskoy
  • Sanya Zavodskoy
  • Vitek Zavodskoy
  • Kolyan Zavodskoy
  • Lesha Zavodskoy
  • Skif Zavodskoy
  • Toha Zavodskoy
  • Kuling Zavodskoy
  • Filya Zavodskoy
  • Grisha Zavodskoy
  • Shtopor Zavodskoy
  • Vasya Zavodskoy