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Debug Console

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The debug console can be used to execute useful commands for debugging.

EFT Debug Console.PNG

To open and close the console use the ~ or the Ö key, depending on your keyboard layout. ESC also closes it.

Commands[edit | edit source]

FPS overlay[edit | edit source]

This command, together with a parameter, shows a small overlay with information like the fps - frames per second. Three parameters are available and each one results in a different type of overlay:

Command Effect Image
FPS 0 Disables the overlay EFT Debug Console FPS 2.PNG
FPS 1 Enables a small overlay that displays the FPS limit, current FPS as well as the ping (RTT)
FPS 2 Enables an advanced overlay displaying additional stats

Perftest[edit | edit source]

This command doesn't launch a special performance-test, but saves four performance-values ("FPS", "fUpd", "Render ms" and "Frame ms") in a log file. The first parameter specifies how long (in seconds) the test will be running, the second parameter specifies at which interval the performance-values will be saved and the third parameter specifies the name of the test to make it easier to find in the log file. The name can't contain spaces.

The log in which the test will be saved can be found in the games' installation directory. There you need to enter the "Logs" folder in which you can find logs from many different days. There you need to enter the folder of the day the performance test has been executed. Inside of that folder, you can find many logs with dates in their names. The performance test can be found inside of the "FDebug_perftest" log file. There you can just look for the perftest with the name you entered.

Entering "perftest 5 1 awesome-test-for-testing", for example, will close the debug-console and, after the test is completed (in this case, 5 seconds later), shows the text "Test completed" in the debug-console. It will just save the performance-values every second for 5 seconds.

This is the content of the FDebug_perftest.log file:

2019/03/10 22:10:13.550 | awesome-test-for-testing (every 1)