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The debug console can be used to execute commands and view information for debugging.

EFT Debug Console.PNG

To open and close the console, use the key you specified in your controls configuration. The default key is ~ or the Ö, depending on your keyboard layout. ESC also closes it.

Commands[edit | edit source]

help[edit | edit source]

This command outputs a list of all available commands. The list only includes the command names but not the required parameters.

fps {mode}[edit | edit source]

This command shows a small overlay in the top-right of the screen with information like the fps - frames per second. The mode parameter is required and can be either 0, 1 or 2:

0: Disables the overlay.

1: Enables a small overlay that only shows the FPS limit, FPS, RTT (also known as ping) and PlayerRTT.

2: Enables an advanced overlay that shows additional information.

EFT Debug Console FPS 2.PNG

perftest {duration} {interval} {name}[edit | edit source]

This command saves performance values in a log file. The log file can be found inside the Escape from Tarkov > Logs folder and ends with FDebug_perftest.log. It also enables the advanced overlay or fps 2. It outputs "Test completed" in the console when the test is done. The following parameters are required:

duration: The duration of the test in seconds.

interval: The interval in which the values are checked/saved in seconds.

name: The name of the test to make it easier to find in the log file.