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General data
TypeLoot Container
Grid size2x2

Drawer is a Loot Container in Escape from Tarkov.

Description[edit | edit source]

Drawers are a loot container that are interacted with when searching filing cabinets. Most filing cabinets have 4 drawers, each of which can be searched individually. Each drawer is a 2x2 grid.

Loot Table[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Type Spawn Chance Rarity
FolderWithIntelligence Icon.png Folder with intelligence Info 3% Super Rare
AA Battery Icon 2.png AA Battery Energy Element 20% Common
D Size Battery Icon.png D Size Battery Energy Element 10% Common
Recicon.png Rechargeable battery Energy Element 10% Rare
Duct tape Icon.png Duct tape Building Material 25% Common
Insulating tape Icon.png Insulating tape Building Material 20% Rare
Electric Drill icon.png Electric drill Electronics 6% Super Rare
Damaged Hard Drive Icon.png Damaged hard drive Electronics 17% Rare
Powercord icon.png Powercord Electronics 10% Rare
Spark Plug Icon .png Spark plug Electronics 10% Rare
Energy-Saving Lamp Icon.png Energy-saving lamp Electronics 17% Rare
Gas Analyzer Icon.png Gas analyzer Electronics 5% Super Rare
UV lamp Icon.png Ultraviolet lamp Electronics 4% Super Rare
Geiger-Mueller counter Icon.png Geiger-Muller counter Electronics 3% Super Rare
Broken GPhone Icon.png Broken GPhone Electronics 5% Super Rare
T-Shaped Plug Icon.png T-Shaped Plug Electronics 25% Rare
USB Adapter Icon.png USB Adapter Electronics 20% Rare
Printer Paper icon.png Printer paper Household Goods 5% Common
Chainlet icon.png Chainlet Valuable 5% Rare
Golden neck chain Icon.png Golden neck chain Valuable 2% Rare
Horse figurine Icon.png Horse figurine Valuable 5% Rare
Roler icon.png Roler submariner gold wrist watch Valuable 1% Super Rare
Cricket lighter Icon.png Crickent lighter Flammable material 40% Common
Matches Icon.png Classic matches Flammable material 40% Common
Zibbo lighter Icon.png Zibbo lighter Flammable material 15% Rare
Terragroup Labs access keycard icon.png TerraGroup Labs access keycard Key 12% Super Rare
Key-105-Icon.png Dorm room 105 Key Key 3% Super Rare
Cabinet key Gas Station Icon.png Cabinet key Key 3% Common
Key-203-Icon.png Dorm room 203 Key Key 9% Super Rare
Key-218-Icon.png Dorm room 218 Key Key 3% Common
Key-220-Icon.png Dorm room 220 Key Key 3% Common
Key-308-Icon.png Dorm room 308 Key Key 3% Common
Key-315-Icon.png Dorm room 315 Key Key 3% Common
Customs-office-key-Icon.png Customs office key Key 3% Common
Key-204-Icon.png Dorm room 204 Key Key 3% Common
Dollarsicon.png 45-100 Dollars Money 10% Rare
Eurosicon.png 35-90 Euros Money 10% Super Rare