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Escape from Tarkov is going to feature several game modes, including:

Implemented[edit | edit source]

  • PMC Survival: You use your main character with any gear that you want to bring into a Raid. You can pick up any gear from other players or AI that you kill, as well as Loot from random Locations. If you die, you lose everything that you brought in and what you've found in the Raid with the exception of the items in your secure container. In order to survive and extract with any gear you picked up, you have to make it to an extraction point.
  • Scav: You go into a Raid as Scav, the AI Faction, with a random set of gear. You face off against PMCs and potentially other Scav Players. Any loot gathered by the player as Scav can be transferred to the main character, while dying as a Scav has no penalty.

Planned[edit | edit source]

  • Story Mode
  • Player Hideout with shooting range
  • Open World Mode without time limits wherein all Maps are connected
  • Arena Mode
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