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Gear components

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There are various gear components in Escape from Tarkov.

This page lists all components that can be attached to headwear. There are night vision devices, headsets, visors, additional armor and mounts.

Night vision devices[edit | edit source]

Icon Name View
PVS-14 Icon.png AN/PVS-14 Night Vision Monocular
  • PNV10TIcon.png PNV-10T Night Vision
  • Armasightn15icon.png Armasight N-15 Night Vision
  • Gpnvgicon.png GPNVG-18 Night Vision
  • Headsets[edit | edit source]

    Icon Name
    Rac.png Ops-Core FAST RAC Headset

    Visors[edit | edit source]

    Icon Name Armor class Armor zones Armor segments Durability Ricochet chance Turn speed Ergonomics
    Fvisoriconblack.png Ops-Core FAST Visor 2 Head Eyes 20 Low +0% +0
    K1svisoricon.png K1S Visor 2 Head Eyes, Jaws 30 Low +0% +0
    Fshield.png Multi-hit ballistic face shield-visor for Ops-Core FAST helmet 3 Head Eyes, Jaws 40 Medium +0% +0
    Kiver face shield icon.png Kiver face shield 3 Head Eyes, Jaws 40 High +0% -7
    Zshfaceshieldicon.png ZSh-1-2M face shield 3 Head Eyes, Jaws 50 Medium -5% +0
    Vulkan-5 face shield icon.png Vulkan-5 face shield 4 Head Eyes, Jaws 85 High +0 -10
    Altynfshieldicon.png Altyn face shield 5 Head Eyes, Jaws 50 High +0% -7
    Maska 1Sh face shield icon.gif Maska 1Sch face shield 6 Head Eyes, Jaws 50 Medium +0% -19

    Additional armor[edit | edit source]

    Icon Name Armor class Armor zones Armor segments Durability Ricochet chance Movement speed Turn speed Ergonomics Sound reduction
    Mandible.png Ops-Core Fast GUNSIGHT Mandible 2 Head Jaws 20 Low +0% +0% -6 Low
    Saarmorblack.png Ops-Core Fast Side Armor 3 Head Ears 25 High +0% +0% +0 Low
    CryeAirframeEarsicon.png Crye Airframe Ears 3 Head Ears 27 High +0% +0% +0 Low
    CryeAirframeChops icon.png Crye Airframe Chops 3 Head Ears, Jaws 30 High +0% -1% -2 Low
    SLAAPArmorPlateIcon.png SLAAP armor Plate (Tan) 5 Head Top 30 High +0% -8% -15 None

    Mounts[edit | edit source]

    Icon Name
    Tatm.png Norotos Titanium Advanced Tactical Mount
    PNV-10TDovetailicon.png PNV-10T dovetail adapter
    Ddt.png Dual Dovetail Mount for PVS-14 monocular