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Gluhar Portrait.PNG
General data
Full nameUnknown
Additional data
Spawn chance43%

Glukhar is a Boss in Escape from Tarkov.


Glukhar and his followers have different health values to PMCs and Scavs.

Glukhar's Health Stats
Health Gluhar.png Head: 70

Thorax: 200

Stomach: 140

Arms: 145 per

Legs: 145 per

Total: 990

Assault Follower's Health Stats
Health Assault Follower.png Head: 45

Thorax: 150

Stomach: 125

Arms: 100 per

Legs: 120 per

Total: 760

Scout Follower's Health Stats
Health Scout Follower.png Head: 35

Thorax: 80

Stomach: 70

Arms: 60 per

Legs: 65 per

Total: 435

Security's Health Stats
Health Security and Sniper Follower.png Head: 40

Thorax: 145

Stomach: 100

Arms: 100 per

Legs: 100 per

Total: 685

Instead of the typical x4 single slot pockets, Glukhar has 5 double slot, bringing their total space to 10 slots.


Glukhar can be found on the map Reserve.

Glukhar will spawn at the beginning of the raid at the train yard, black bishop and black pawn buildings near the heli-pad, in the bunker basement, and near or inside the black knight building.

Gluhar Spawn Locations.png


Glukhar and his many guards are extremely hostile. It's very unlikely to find success while fighting in any open areas. Small hallways and closed rooms are preferable.

As for Glukhar, because of his high chest health he can withstand high damage bullets that would otherwise instantly kill other enemies. The only effective means of killing Glukhar quickly are head shots. Glukhar's ASh-12 12.7x55 assault rifle will kill most targets almost instantly.

Glukhar and his guards are very accurate. If his location is known, stay away from windows and his direct line of sight as it is very difficult to win in a long-ranged battle with him.

Glukhar will not seek out player Scavs, however will engage even non-hostile player Scavs which come close to him.

If he spawns at temporary storage unit (K) and train arrives, Glukhar and his followers will move to depot (Rook) to exit from Reserve on train. Up to 2 of his followers will guard train on ramps while Glukhar and others stay inside of depot. Remain followers might patrol around depot or guard front entrance.


Glukhar always has 6 followers with a wide assortment of weapons and gear.

The Guards have a wide variety of weapons, usually Assault rifles that are usually loaded with tracer ammunition, primary or back up Shotguns, an occasional Designated marksman rifle, and primary or backup Submachine guns. They typically have high-grade Armor vests, and tier 3-6 helmets that sometimes have visors.

Glukhar's followers will not engage non-hostile player Scavs, unless they provoke Glukhar by coming close to him.

All the guards' names are one-word nicknames, similar to Scav Raiders.


The best way to kill Glukhar quickly is to get in close and make him your first target. He can be distinguished by his black T-shirt with grey pants and, at most, a light plate carrier, compared to his Guards who wear assorted types of camouflaged clothing and heavy armor. Upon seeing the player, the guards will attempt to either circle Glukhar to protect him or overwhelm the player(s) with force.

The Guards often push the player(s) in pairs or try to perform flanking maneuvers, however, they typically try to stay in a close radius of each other to provide support. Additionally, one-two guards stay back with the Boss, unless the Boss has already been killed, in which case they will seek out nearby players. Due to their ability to push players hard and fast while having a base of accurate covering fire, it is recommended to engage the Guards as close as possible.

The Guards are also capable of using grenades and flashbangs, so groups of players will need to beware of their spacing when engaging the Guards.


Note that the primary weapons can have numerous mod variations and those shown below are examples.
Glukhar may also fill up all 3 weapon slots at the same time.
It is possible for Glukhar to spawn without armor.

Icon Armor Armor Class
PACA icon.png PACA Soft Armor 2

Follower Loot

Glukhar's Followers appear to be able to use the mounted weaponry, which will make them a serious threat to any level of armor. Note that the primary weapons and helmets can have numerous mod variations and those shown below are examples.


Icon Weapon Ammunition Mods
Link=Springfield Armory M1A 7.62x51 Springfield Armory M1A 7.62x51 M62ICON.png M1A Archangel stock
M14 30 round 7.62x51 magazine
LAS/TAC 2 tactical flashlight
Gluhar VAL.PNG AS VAL SP5ICON.png Zenit 2IRS Klesch flashlight + laser designator
Gluhar Guard AK74M.gif AK-74M 5.45x39 assault rifle 74BTICON.png TGP-A 5.45x39 muzzle device/suppressor
Zenit 2U Klesch tactical flashlight
Zenit RK-4 Foregrip
VS-24 Handguard with a VS-33c gas block combo for AK
NPZ USP-1 4x scope
Gluhar RPK-16 Icon.PNG RPK-16 5.45x39 light machine gun 74BTICON.png 95-round 5.45x39 magazine for RPK-16 and compatibles or 60-round 6L31 5.45x39 magazine for AK-74 and compatibles
Cobra EKP-8-18 reflex sight
Gluhar AKMS.PNG AKMS 7.62x39 assault rifle 7.62x39T45M.png VS-24 Handguard with a VS-33c gas block combo for AK
Zenit 2IRS Klesch flashlight + laser designator
PMAG for AKM, 30 round capacity
Gluhar AKMN.PNG AKMN 7.62x39 assault rifle 7.62x39T45M.png VS-24 white handguard with a VS-33c gas block combo for AK
Zenit 2U Klesch tactical flashlight
PMAG for AKM, 30 round capacity
Gluhar AKM.PNG AKM 7.62x39 assault rifle 7.62x39T45M.png VS-24 white handguard with a VS-33c gas block combo for AK
Zenit 2IRS Klesch flashlight + laser designator
PBS-1 7.62x39 silencer
PMAG for AKM, 30 round capacity
Gluhar Guard AK104.gif AK-104 7.62x39 assault rifle 7.62x39T45M.png Zenit 2IRS Klesch flashlight + laser designator

Zenit DTK-1 7.62x39 & 5.45x39 muzzle brake & compensator for AK
NPZ USP-1 4x scope

Gluhar AK104(BP).PNG AK-104 7.62x39 assault rifle 7.62x39BP.png Magpul Zhukov-U Handguard
Steiner Dbal PL tactical flashlight
Zenit DTK-1 7.62x39 & 5.45x39 muzzle brake & compensator for AK
Gluhar Guard M4A1.gif Colt M4A1 5.56x45 Assault Rifle M856A1ICON.png Troy M7A1 PDW stock

May spawn with or without a Aimpoint COMP M4 reflex sight
Magpul MOE SL carbine length M-LOK foregrip for AR15
KAC Vertical pistol grip
Zenit 2P Klesch flashlight + laser designator
60-round MAG5-60 5.56x45 STANAG magazine
Magpul PMAG D-60 5.56x45 60-round magazine
Eotech 553 holographic sight
KAC QDSS NT-4 5.56x45 silencer

Gluhar 153.PNG MP-153 12ga semi-automatic shotgun 12x70ripicon.png 12x70BUCKSHOT.png Zenit 2P Klesch flashlight + laser designator
Gluhar 133.PNG MP-133 12ga shotgun 12x70BUCKSHOT.png 12x70ripicon.png 8-shell MP-133x8 12ga magazine
Zenit 2U Klesch tactical flashlight
Gluhar Guard Saiga 12.gif Saiga 12ga ver. 10 12/76 shotgun 12x70BUCKSHOT.png
Zenit 2U Klesch tactical flashlight
Hexagon 12K sound suppressor
Fab Defence GL Shock Stock or no stock,
20 round drum magazine or normal magazine
P1X42 "WEAVER" reflex sight
Gluhar Vityaz.PNG Submachinegun 19-01 Vityaz-SN 9x19 9x19 mm Green Tracer Icon.png Cobra EKP-8-18 reflex sight
Vityaz 9x19 sound suppressing device
No stock.
Gluhar MP5.PNG MP5 SMG 9x19cgi.png
SRD 9 Suppressor

X400 tactical flashlight

Gluhar MP5KN.PNG MP5K-N SMG 9x19pso.png Trijicon RMR Reflex Sight
Trijicon SRS-02 reflex sight
Gluhar Kedr.PNG PP-91 Kedr 9x18PM SMG 9x18SP7GZH.png Belomo PK-06 reflex sight

Zenit 2IRS Klesch flashlight + laser designator
Rotor 43 RIS mount for PP Kedr

PM icon.png PM pistol 9x189PGZH.png
Yarygin MP-443 Grach icon.png MP-443 "Grach" 9x19pst.png
SH-1MP icon.png 9x21 Serdyukov automatic pistol SR1MP Gyurza 9x21sp10.png
APS icon.png Stechkin Automatic Pistol 9x18PM 9x189PGZH.png
F-1 grenade icon.png F-1 Hand grenade
RGD-5 grenade icon.png RGD-5 hand grenade
Vog-17 icon.png VOG-17 Khattabka grenade
Vog-25 icon.png VOG-25 Khattabka grenade
Zarya stun grenade icon.png Zarya




  • Glukhar (Глухарь) in Russian means "wood grouse", largest bird in the grouse family. It is also Russian police slang for a cold case.
  • Glukhar's tattoo is translated as "Naval Infantry", implying he was a serviceman before he turned to criminal.
  • Other than Shturman, Glukhar and his followers are the only non-player Scavs which can spawn with a weapon equipped in the "On back" slot.
  • If Glukhar's guards (specifically the Assault) see you kill him, they'll scream out "Glukhar! Fucking shit!" (Glukhar! cyka!) in grief, showing that he has a tight bond with his crew.
  • Glukhar's followers names can be:
    • Afganec
    • Alfons
    • Assa
    • Baks
    • Balu
    • Banschik
    • Barguzin
    • Basmach
    • Batar
    • Batya
    • Belyy
    • Bob
    • Borec
    • Byk
    • BZT
    • Calabrissa
    • Chelovek
    • Chempion
    • Dnevalnyy
    • Drossel
    • Dum
    • Fedya
    • Gepe
    • Gepard
    • Gorbatyy
    • Gotka
    • Grif
    • Grustnyy
    • Kaban
    • Kadrovik
    • Karaul
    • Kastet
    • Katok
    • Kocherga
    • Krot
    • Kuling
    • Kumulyativ
    • Kuzya
    • Letyoha
    • Lysyy
    • Lyutyy
    • Maga
    • Matros
    • Mihalych
    • Mysh
    • Nakat
    • Nemonas
    • Oficer
    • Omeh
    • Oskolochnyy
    • Otbityy
    • Patron
    • Pluton
    • Radar
    • Rayan
    • Rembo
    • Ryaha
    • Salobon
    • Sapog
    • Sekach
    • Shapka
    • Shustryy
    • Sibiryak
    • Signal
    • Sobr
    • Specnaz
    • Stvol
    • Sych
    • Tankist
    • Tihohod
    • Toropyga
    • Trubochist
    • Utyug
    • Valet
    • Vegan
    • Veteran
    • Vityok
    • Zampolit
    • Zarya
    • Zhirnyy
    • Zimniy