Gunsmith - Part 14

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Gunsmith - Part 14
Quest data
TypeParameter-oriented modding
Given ByMechanic
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Leads to:
Gunsmith - Part 15
Other choices:

Gunsmith - Part 14 is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov.


I want to try teaching Lusya to tell truth from lies, if the result will be at least 90% accurate, it will be interesting to listen to all those politicians and Terra Group whales, who's been expatiating upon their ideals and noble goals just yesterday, assured of the benefits of our economic zone and a bright future ahead. How much of this was concentrated lie? I think, all of it. There's a request for MOE edition AKMN. I.e. the handguard, stock, and pistol grip have to be MOE. All in black. Additionally, Rotor 43 muzzle brake and Magpul M-LOK AFG Tactical grip, recoil sum lower than 400, ergonomics above 56 and weight of 5 kg or less with sighting range 500.


  • Must be level 27 to start this quest.


  • Modify AKMN to comply with the required specification


Thanks. I'm a bit busy now, catch you later.


AKMN specifications: