Gunsmith - Part 15

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Gunsmith - Part 15
Quest data
TypeParameter-oriented modding
Given ByMechanic
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Leads to:
Gunsmith - Part 16
Other choices:

Gunsmith - Part 15 is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov.


This one is for Sniper, it seems that he's about to set out to the woods somewhere to hunt down the villains for a week. Judging from the fact that he packed one hell of a backpack with MRE, flintstone, batteries, and water. Left it at my place for now. He needs an M1A, fitted with Ultimak M8 mount, Nightforce 7-35-56 scope, T1 reflex sight and HOLOsun tactical device. Ergonomics above 26, recoil sum below 350 and a total weight of 7.3 kg or less.


  • Must be level 29 to start this quest.


  • Modify M1A to comply with the required specification


  • By the way about Sni... Dima - not a word to anybody, but I think you already figured that out.


    M1A specifications:


    This is one example of many possible configurations.


    • This build is based on a standard M1A from Peacekeeper LL3.
    • The magazine needs to be removed


    Despite the quest banner suggesting it, the M1A Archangel stock is not a requirement for this quest.