Gunsmith - Part 3

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Gunsmith - Part 3
Quest data
TypeParameter-oriented modding
Given ByMechanic
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leads to:
Gunsmith - Part 4

Gunsmith - Part 3 is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov.


When I was a child, people used to say that it is not a destination that matters, but a journey itself. But what if the destination is yourself, what do you know, how you use your reflexes and how many rounds you have in the magazine? This feels particularly true when you're supposed to survive, clinging to this world with your teeth. I need an MP5. With 50-round extended mag, silencer, tactical flashlight and sighting range of more than 200. Ergonomics above 62, recoil sum less than 150. Maximum weight of 3.8 kg. And decide for yourself what is more important to you, the journey or the destination.


  • Must be level 12 to start this quest.


  • Modify MP5 to comply with the required specification


  • Handy for CQB and quiet...


    MP5 specifications:


    Note: This build is based on a standard MP5SD from Peacekeeper LL2 (Can only be purchased after finishing his quest Scrap Metal). If you can't purchase a MP5SD, you can convert a standard MP5 from Peacekeeper LL1 into one with the parts mentioned in the second table below.

    Icon Attachment Sold By Loyalty Level
    Mp5drumicon.png X Products X-5 MP5 50-round 9x19 magazine Mechanic Barter Item (LL2)
    Sdtrr.png B&T MP5 SD Tri Rail Ring Mount Peacekeeper LL2
    X400.png X400 tactical flashlight Peacekeeper LL2

    Parts for converting a MP5 into a MP5SD:

    Icon Attachment Sold By Loyalty Level
    Mp5sdhg.png MP5SD Polymer handguard Peacekeeper LL2
    Mp5sdupper.png HK MP5SD Upper receiver Peacekeeper LL3
    MP5SDsuppressoricon.png MP5SD 9x19 silencer Peacekeeper LL3
    Combine those three pieces, then remove the original HK MP5 Upper receiver to replace it with the silenced one you just created. Then transfer the stock and sights over from the old receiver as well. The HK MP5 Drum Rearsight is necessary to meet the sighting range requirement.