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Escape from Tarkov includes a robust health and damage system as part of the Hazardous Environment Combat Simulator.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Health and physical characteristics, including hydration, energy, blood loss, fractures, contusion, intoxication, exhaustion, tremors and so on
  • A Large variety of medical supplies and provisions to stay alive and focused

Part specific status effects[edit | edit source]

Char head chest.png


  • Destroyed: Instant death. As it turns out, taking a high powered bullet to the noggin' isn't conducive to your good health. Note that bleeding into the destroyed state does not result in instant death, but any further damage will.
Char right arm.png
Right arm
  • Fractured: Using items and searching containers is 50% slower than normal speed. Reloading, drawing, and aiming weapons takes 67% more time.
  • Destroyed: Same as above, but additional damage taken will be distributed over the entire body's health pool at 0.7x the damage dealt.
Char Left Arm.png
Left arm
  • Fractured: Using items and searching containers is 67% slower than normal speed. Reloading and drawing weapons is 50% slower.
  • Destroyed: Same as above, but additional damage taken will be distributed over the entire body's health pool at 0.7x the damage dealt.
Char stomach.png
  • Can't be fractured
  • Destroyed: Massively increased dehydration and energy loss, additional damage taken will be distributed over the entire body's health pool at 1.5x the damage dealt.
Char legs.png
  • Each leg fractured reduces your speed by 45%. Decreased jump height. Sprinting causes further damage to the leg.
  • Destroyed: Same as above, but additional damage taken will be distributed over the entire body's health pool at 1x the damage dealt.

Temporary status effects[edit | edit source]

Icon Status Effect Duration
Bloodloss Bloodloss 40 HP loss per limb every minute until treated. Every 5 seconds until treated.
Fresh Wound Fresh wound Replaces Bloodloss, can turn into Bloodloss again through sprinting/jumping 240 seconds or until it starts bleeding again
Fracture Fracture See Part specific status effects above Will remain until treated
Pain Pain Vision darkens Until the effect ends
Contusion Contusion Reduces senses by 33% and muffles audio 60 seconds
Tremor Tremor Screen shaking, caused by untreated pain Until cause of pain is treated
Tunnel vision Tunnel vision Screen vignetting pulsing in and out Will fix it self. 30-15 seconds
On painkillers On painkillers Slightly increases contrast, ignores fractures, and ignores pain. Depending on Painkiller
Dehydration Dehydration Soaping filter applied. 2 Hydration Points loss every 2 seconds Until hydration gets replenished
Hard dehydration Hard dehydration Soaping filter and you lose 3 Health Points every 3.5 seconds on every limb
Fatigue Fatigue All actions are 20% slower
Hard fatigue Hard fatigue All actions are 20% slower and you lose 1 point of health every 2 seconds
Overweight Overweight You make more noise, reduced jump height, stamina drain increased, fall damage increased, movement speed decreased, walking drains your stamina
Critical Overweight Critical Overweight Cannot sprint, max stance height reduced, prone movement drains stamina, stance blocks stamina regain
weightfatigue Fatigue (overweight) Energy drain increased by xx (3,79)
Intoxication Intoxication Not currently implemented
Radiation exposure Radiation exposure Not currently implemented
Disorientation Disorientation Senses are disabled 10 seconds
Stun Stun All sound is cut off, replaced by a tinnitus-like ringing 10 seconds
Flash Flash You are blinded 10 seconds
Stim buff Stim buff
Stim debuff Stim debuff
Berserk Berserk Increases FOV, acts like a painkiller

Destroyed parts healing[edit | edit source]

Destroyed body parts (except head and thorax) can be restored thanks to the CMS kit or the Surv12 field surgical kit, surgical kits restore a destroyed part to 1 HP; so their use needs to be combined with medkits to be effective. Destroyed parts that are restored with a surgical kit only have 45% to 60% (CMS) or 80 to 90% (Surv12) of their max HP for the duration of the raid unless surgery is performed again on that body part, lowering it further.

Off-Raid Healing[edit | edit source]

When outside of a raid you will passively gain health, hydration, and energy. You can use Medical items to heal and Provisions to consume as if you were in a raid. To start you gain 8 HP/Min, 1 Energy/Min, and 1 Hydration/Min. Your passive gaining of stats can be increased through upgrading Hideout modules such as the Medstation to increase health regeneration, Heating to increase energy regeneration, and Water Collector to increase Hydration recovery.

Therapist also provides healing to your character for a price after either dying or surviving with lost HP. This costs 21₽/HP and is cheaper than most medkits. A bleed costs 750₽ to heal and a fracture costs 1,000₽, again cheaper than the items required.

With fixed prices, the best value medical item is the Grizzly First Aid Kit.

First Aid Kit Current Price (₽) Health Points ₽ per HP (rounded up)
Grizzly First Aid Kit 22,741 1,800 13
Car first aid kit 5,361 220 25
Salewa FIRST AID KIT 13,645 400 35
AI-2 medikit 3,510 100 36
IFAK personal tactical first aid kit 11,298 300 38

Death[edit | edit source]

After dying in a raid or going MIA you will be brought back to the main menu. Your health will be set to 30% and will passively be regained over time. If you die to suicide, team members, disconnecting, or without a firearm equipped your health will instead be set to 1%.

Unimplemented Features[edit | edit source]

  • Player Temperature
  • Biohazard - it is unknown what this status will effect
  • Radiation
  • Blood Pressure
  • Hallucination
  • Unimplemented statuses seen in pre-alpha footage.
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