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The insurance selection screen

Insurance allows you to retrieve any items that have not been extracted from a raid, with a delay.

You can only insure gear items (like weapons and armors), containers (a Keytool, a Documents case or an Items case) and intel items (keys and paper maps). Consumable items (Food, Meds or Ammo) cannot be insured.

You do not need to insure melee items in your scabbard, as they are not lost upon death.

Insured items have a thick yellow outline around the stash space they occupy.

Insurers[edit | edit source]


Except for raids on The Lab, make sure to always insure the gear you go out with using the Insurance Screen, just before entering the lobby. You can click on the "Insure All" button to make sure that you select all of your belongings. To confirm, press the "Insure" button just above "Ready". You can choose to insure with Prapor or Therapist:

"Insure All" and "Insure" buttons
  • Prapor is cheaper and returns your insured items after 24-36 hours. You have 73h to collect the returned items.
  • Therapist is 1.75x more expensive but returns your items after 12-24 hours. You also have 6 days (144h) to collect the insured items instead of the 3 that Prapor offers.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Upgrading the Intelligence Center in the Hideout will reduce the item return time by 20%.

The insurance return times become the following:

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Use the insurance system, even at a low level: There's always the chance that your killer won't loot you, or leave it behind as they find better gear. If a Scav kills you, there's a high chance you'll get everything back.

Your insurer will contact you a few hours/days later to let you know what came back. You can then claim the items from the messenger tab. If you do not claim them in the available collect time, the insured items will be lost.

A side-effect of insurance is the ability to differentiate your items from looted items. This can be useful when looting a body with the same magazines as yours, but different ammunition that you may not wish to use.

Discarding insured items into an obscure or hidden location can help prevent them from being taken. This makes it more difficult for other players to loot since they will be a lot harder to find if they're not on your corpse. It's good to do this when guns or magazines you have insured are out of ammo.

Exceptions[edit | edit source]

MIA[edit | edit source]

Ending a raid with the Missing in Action status will not bring back insured equipped items. The Missing in Action status can be achieved if:

  • You do not extract before the end of the raid
  • You die from dehydration

If you do not think you are going to make it to the extraction point in time, you should throw away your insured items.

Non-insured items inside insured containers[edit | edit source]

If you insure a magazine with ammunition inside, you will only get the magazine back. In the same fashion, an insured backpack or chest rig with medical items inside will not yield the meds back.

If an insured container is lost, and contains an uninsured item (for example, a backpack containing a weapon you looted), the uninsured item will not be brought back with the container.

Maps[edit | edit source]

Insurers will not bring back items lost in The Lab.