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Loot is what you salvage and take from the field to sell to traders to survive yet another day.

List of loot[edit | edit source]

Use this table to prioritize what to take and what to leave behind
Name Type Price (rubles)
Matches Barter item 200
Dogtags Barter item 150
Crickent lighter Barter item 200
Zibbo lighter Barter item 1450
Apollon Soyuz cigarettes Barter item 200
Malboro Cigarettes Barter item 300
Wilston cigarettes Barter item 500
Strike Cigarettes Barter item 350
Condensed milk Barter item 8500
Horse figurine Barter item 4300
AA Battery Battery 550
D Size Battery Battery 2000
Car battery Battery 3320
Geiger-Muller counter Electronics 17500
Broken GPhone Electronics 20000
CPU Fan Electronics 2500
PC CPU Electronics 18500
DVD drive Electronics 2500
RAM Electronics 8000
Power supply unit Electronics 7050
Graphics card Electronics 18500
Insulating tape Household goods 1050
Duct tape Household goods 1150
Toothpaste Household goods 500
T-Shaped Plug Household goods 1000
Printer paper Household goods 2150
Chainlet Jewelry 6700
Golden neck chain Jewelry 17000
Roubles Money 150 to 860 rubles
Wad of roubles Money 1200 to 3500 rubles
Dollars Money 5 to 10 USD
Euros Money 2 to 15 EUR