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Loot Table

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Looting Table
Icon Item name Places
Roublesicon.png Roubles
PowerbankIcon.png Powerbank
Car Battery Icon.png Car battery
AA Battery Icon 2.png AA Battery
D Size Battery Icon.png D Size Battery
Recicon.png Rechargeable battery
Duct tape Icon.png Duct tape
Insulating tape Icon.png Insulating tape
Hoseicon.png Corrugated hose
Nailsicon.png A pack of nails
Plexicon.png Piece of plexiglas
Screwsicon.png A pack of screws
Xenoicon.png Xenomorph sealing foam
Shusicon.png Shustrilo sealing foam
Boltsicon.png Bolts
Screwnuticon.png Screw nut
COFDM Icon.png Military COFDM wireless Signal Transmitter
VPXFlashIcon.png VPX Flash Storage Module
Virtex programmable processor Icon.png Virtex programmable processor
Wiresicon.png Wires
Capacitorsicon.png Capacitors
Tetriz icon.png Tetriz portable game
PC CPU Icon.png PC CPU
CPU Fan Icon.png CPU Fan
DVD drive Icon.png DVD drive
Electric Drill icon.png Electric drill
Damaged Hard Drive Icon.png Damaged hard drive
Magnet Icon.png Magnet
Circuit Icon.png Printed circuit board
Powercord icon.png Powercord
Spark Plug Icon .png Spark plug
Energy-Saving Lamp Icon.png Energy-saving lamp
Gas Analyzer Icon.png Gas analyzer
UV lamp Icon.png Ultraviolet lamp
Geiger-Mueller counter Icon.png Geiger-Muller counter
Broken GPhone x Icon.png Broken GPhone X
Broken GPhone Icon.png Broken GPhone
Psuicon.png Power supply unit
Ramicon.png RAM
T-Shaped Plug Icon.png T-Shaped Plug
USB Adapter Icon.png USB Adapter
Graphics Card icon.png Graphics card
1gphone icon.png Golden 1GPhone
Soap icon.png Soap
Toilet paper icon.png Toilet paper
Printer Paper icon.png Printer paper
Heat-exchange alkali surface washer icon.png Heat-exchange alkali surface washer
Paidicon.png Pain AntiRoach
Bleachicon.png Ox bleach
Sodium Bicarbonate icon.png Sodium bicarbonate
Clin Wiper icon.png Clin wiper
Toothpasteicon.png Toothpaste
Deadlyslobs beard oil icon.png Deadlyslob's beard oil
Chainlet icon.png Chainlet
Teapot icon.png Antique teapot
Vaseicon.png Antique vase
Prokill medallion Icon.png Chain with Prokill medallion
Golden neck chain Icon.png Golden neck chain
Horse figurine Icon.png Horse figurine
Caticon.png Cat figurine
Bronze Lion Icon.png Bronze lion
Roler icon.png Roler submariner gold wrist watch
Wooden clock icon.png Wooden clock
Bitcoin icon.png Physical bitcoin
GoldenRoosterIcon.png Golden rooster
Silver Badge icon.png Silver Badge
Cricket lighter Icon.png Crickent lighter
Fuelcondicon.png Fuel conditioner
Dryfuelicon.png Dry fuel
WD40 100ml Icon.png WD-40 100ml.
Wd-40400icon.png WD-40 400ml
Matches Icon.png Matches
Zibbo lighter Icon.png Zibbo lighter
5L propane tank icon.png 5L propane tank
FireKlean icon.png FireKlean gun lube
Defibrillatoricon.png Portable defibrillator
TransilluminatorIcon.png LEDX Skin Transilluminator
Medical Bloodset Icon.png Medical bloodset
Hydrogen Peroxide icon.png Hydrogen peroxide
Ophthalmoscopeicon.png Ophthalmoscope
Saline Solution icon.png Saline solution
PliersElite.png Pliers (red)
Plier Icon.png Pliers (yellow)
Construction Measuring Tape Icon.png Construction measuring tape
Screwdriver Icon.png Screwdriver
Toolsicon.png A set of tools
Wrench Icon.png Wrench
FireSteelIcon.png Old firesteel
ParacordIcon.png Paracord
Malboro Cigarettes Icon.png Malboro Cigarettes
Coffeicon.png Coffee Majaica
Apollon Soyuz cigarettes Icon.png Apollon Soyuz cigarettes
Cigred.png Strike Cigarettes
Wilstonicon.png Wilston cigarettes
Airfiltericon.png Air filter for gas mask
Gunpowder Icon.png Gunpowder
EnglishTeaIcon.png 42nd Signature Blend English Tea
BatteredBookIcon.png Battered antique Book
Makarovmag.png 90-93 9x18PM Magazine, for 8 PM rounds
PM icon.png PM 9x18PM pistol
Green Tea icon.png Green Ice
Apple Juice icon.png Apple juice
Grand Juice icon.png Grand juice
Vita Juice icon.png Vita juice
NRG Drink icon.png Max energy
Pack ofMilk icon.png Pack of milk
Tar Cola icon.png TarCola
Aquamari icon.png Water bottle with a filter Aquamari
Hor Rod icon.png Hot Rod
Pineapple Juice icon.png Russian Army pineapple juice
Water icon.png 0.6L water bottle
Can of sprats Icon.png Can of sprats
DDGMayoIcon.png Jar of DevilDog mayo
Alyonka Chocolate Bar icon.png Alyonka chocolate bar
Can of beef stew Icon.png Can of beef stew (flat)
Rye Croutons.png Rye croutons
Can of beef stew alt Icon.png Can of beef stew
Condmilkicon.png Condensed milk
Emeyla Croutons.png Emelya rye croutons
Herring icon.png Can of herring
Humpback icon.png Humpback salmon
Saury icon.png Can of pacific saury
MRE icon.png MRE lunch box
Lunchbox icon.png Iskra lunch box
Sugar icon.png Pack of sugar
Oatflakes icon.png Pack of oat flakes
Peas icon.png Can of green peas
Slickers bar icon.png Slickers bar
Squash Spread icon.png Squash spread
Army Crackers icon.png Army Crackers
AI-2 Icon.png AI-2 medikit
EFT Aseptic-Bandage Icon.png Aseptic bandage
EFT Splint Icon.png Immobilizing splint
12x70BUCKSHOT.png 12x70 Buckshot
FolderWithIntelligence Icon.png Folder with intelligence
Terragroup Labs access keycard icon.png TerraGroup Labs access keycard
Key-105-Icon.png Dorm room 105 Key
Cabinet key Gas Station Icon.png Cabinet key
Key-203-Icon.png Dorm room 203 Key
Key-218-Icon.png Dorm room 218 Key
Key-220-Icon.png Dorm room 220 Key
Key-308-Icon.png Dorm room 308 Key
Key-315-Icon.png Dorm room 315 Key
Customs-office-key-Icon.png Customs office key
Key-204-Icon.png Dorm room 204 Key
Dollarsicon.png Dollars
Eurosicon.png Euros
Key-114-Icon.png Dorm room 114 Key
EFT Grizzly Icon.png Grizzly First Aid Kit
EFT Car-first-aid-kit Icon.png Car first aid kit
EFT IFAK Icon.png IFAK personal tactical first aid kit
EFT Salewa-First-Aid-Kit Icon 2.png Salewa FIRST AID KIT
EFT Painkillers Icon.png Analgin painkillers
EFT Vaseline Icon.png Vaseline
Machinery-key-Icon.png Machinery key
Marked-key-Icon.png Marked key
Bayonetknifeicon.png ER Fulcrum Bayonet
EFT Army-Bandage Icon.png Army bandage
Golden Star Balm Icon.png Golden Star Balm
EFT Augmentin-antibiotic-pills Icon.png Augmentin antibiotic pills
EFT Morphine Icon.png Morphine injector
Ibuprofen painkiller icon.png Ibuprofen painkillers
PropitalIcon.png Propital
Combat stimulant SJ1 icon.png Combat stimulant injector SJ1 TGLabs
Combat stimulant SJ6 icon.png Combat stimulant injector SJ6 TGLabs
Hemostatic drug Zagustin icon.png Hemostatic drug Zagustin
ETG change icon.png Regenerative stimulant injector eTG-change
Adrenaline Icon.png Adrenaline injector
A-2607 Bars.png Bars A-2607- 95x18
Damascusknifeicon.png Bars A-2607- Damascus
F-1 grenade icon.png F-1 Hand grenade
RDG-2B Smoke grenade icon.png RDG-2B Smoke grenade
Zarya stun grenade icon.png Zarya stun grenade
RGD-5 grenade icon.png RGD-5 hand grenade
40 VOG-25.png 40 mm VOG-25
12x70SLUG.png 12x70 Slug
20x70BUCKSHOT.png 20x70 Buckshot
GEKSAICON.png .366 TKM Geksa
4.6x30APenIcon.png 4.6x30mm AP SX
4.6x30FMJIcon.png 4.6x30mm FMJ SX
74BPICON.png 5.45x39 mm BP
74BSICON.png 5.45x39 mm BS
74BTICON.png 5.45x39 mm BT
74FMJICON.png 5.45x39 mm FMJ
74HPICON.png 5.45x39 mm HP
74PPICON.png 5.45x39 mm PP
74PRSICON.png 5.45x39 mm PRS
74PSICON.png 5.45x39 mm PS
74SPICON.png 5.45x39 mm SP
74TICON.png 5.45x39 mm T
74USICON.png 5.45x39 mm US
55FMJICON.png 5.56x45 mm 55 FMJ
55HPICON.png 5.56x45 mm 55 HP
M855ICON.png 5.56x45 mm M855
M855A1ICON.png 5.56x45 mm M855A1
M856ICON.png 5.56x45 mm M856
M856A1ICON.png 5.56x45 mm M856A1
M995ICON.png 5.56x45 mm M995
MK255ICON.png 5.56x45 mm Mk 255 Mod 0
7N1ICON.png 7.62x54R 7N1 Sniper cartridge
LPSGZHICON.png 7.62x54R LPS Gzh
SNBICON.png 7.62x54R SNB
TTFMJ43.png 7.62x25mm TT FMJ43
TTLRN.png 7.62x25mm TT LRN
7.62x39BP.png 7.62x39 mm BP
7.62x39HP.png 7.62x39 mm HP
7.62x39PS.png 7.62x39 mm PS
7.62x39US.png 7.62x39 mm US
M61ICON.png 7.62x51 mm M61
M62ICON.png 7.62x51 mm M62
M80ICON.png 7.62x51 mm M80
9x189BZTGZH.png 9x18 mm PM 9 BZT gzh
9x18PBM.png 9x18 mm PM PBM
9x18PPTGZH.png 9x18 mm PM PPT gzh
9x18PSV.png 9x18 mm PM PSV
9x18SP7GZH.png 9x18 mm PM SP7 gzh
9x18SP8GZH.png 9x18 mm PM SP8 gzh
9x19cgi.png 9x19 mm Luger CCI
9x21sp10.png 9x21 mm SP10
9x21sp12.png 9x21 mm SP12
9x21sp13.png 9x21 mm SP13
SP6ICON.png 9x39 mm SP-6
7n12icon.png 9x39 mm 7N12 BP
9x39BPammoPackIcon.png 8 pcs pack of 9x39 7N12 BP ammo
8 pcs pack 9x39 7N9 SPP ammo icon.png 8 pcs pack of 9x39 7N9 SPP ammo
30 pcs 545x39 7N39icon.png 30 pcs. 5.45x39 7N39 ammo pack
5.56x45 M193 Ball ammo
7.62x39 PS rounds
7.62x54 R SNB ammo
120 pcs. 5.45x39 BP gs ammo pack
120 pcs. 5.45x39 BT gs ammo pack
120 pcs. 5.45x39 PRS gs ammo pack
120 pcs. 5.45x39 US gs ammo pack (damaged)
30 pcs. 5.45x39 FMJ ammo box
30 pcs. 5.45x39 HP ammo box
30 pcs. 5.45x39 SP ammo box
545BSAmmoPack30RoundsIcon.png 30 pcs. 5.45x39 BS gs ammo pack
545BTAmmoPack30RoundsIcon.png 30 pcs. 5.45x39 BT gs ammo pack
30 pcs. 5.45x39 PP gs ammo pack
30 pcs. 5.45x39 PRS gs ammo pack
30 pcs. 5.45x39 PS gs ammo pack
30 pcs. 5.45x39 T gs ammo pack
30 pcs. 5.45x39 US gs ammo pack
16 pcs. 9x18 PM BZHT gzh ammo box
16 pcs. 9x18 PM P gzh ammo box
16 pcs. 9x18 PM PBM ammo box
16 pcs. 9x18 PM PMM ammo box
16 pcs. 9x18 PM Ppe gzh ammo box
16 pcs. 9x18 PM PPT gzh ammo box
16 pcs. 9x18 PM PRS gs ammo box
16 pcs. 9x18 PM PS gs PPO ammo box
16 pcs. 9x18 PM PSO gzh ammo box
16 pcs. 9x18 PM Pst gzh ammo box
16 pcs. 9x18 PM PSV ammo box
16 pcs. 9x18 PM RG028 gzh ammo box
16 pcs. 9x18 PM SP7 gzh ammo box
16 pcs. 9x18 PM SP8 gzh ammo box
16 pcs. 9x19 Pst Gzh ammo box
6p20.png Izhmash 5.45x39 AK-74 muzzlebrake & compensator (6P20 0-20)
6P26.png Izhmash 5.45x39 muzzle break for AKS-74U (6P26 0-20)
Usgia2.png Colt USGI A2 5.56x45 Flashhider for AR-15
6p1.png Izhmash 7.62x39 AKM muzzlebrake & compensator (6P1 0-14)
Vpo136muz.png Molot 7.62x39 Vepr KM / VPO-136 muzzlebrake & compensator
Akml.png Izhmash 7.62x39 flash hider for AKML system
WarCompIcon.png Surefire WarComp 5.56x45 Flashhider for AR-15
LantacDrakonIcon.png Lantac Drakon 7.62x39 muzzlebrake & compensator for AK
Tgp-aicon.png TGP-A 5.45x39 muzzle device/suppressor
Ttsilencericon.png Makeshift 7.62x25 TT silencer
Heaxagonsksicon.png Hexagon SKS 7.62x39 sound suppressor
Icon Rotor43 9.19.png Rotor 43 9x19 muzzle brake
Icon Rotor43 7.62.png Rotor 43 7.62x39 muzzle brake
Icon Rotor43 366TKM.png Rotor 43 .366TKM muzzle brake
Icon Rotor43 5.56x45.png Rotor 43 5.56x45 muzzle brake
BramitIcon.png Bramit silencer for a Mosin rifle
Ttakm.png Taktika Tula AK and AKM adapter
Ps226fronticon.png Sig Sauer Standard Frontsight
Glockrsicon.png Glock Rear Sight
Mrsicon.png Walther MRS reflex sight
Ekp-8-18icon.png Cobra EKP-8-18 reflex sight
Ekp-8-02icon.png Cobra EKP-8-02 reflex sight
HS401G5 Icon.png Holosun HS401G5 reflex sight
Psoicon.png Zenit-Belomo PSO 1M2-1 4x24 scope
Zenit-Belomo PSO 1 4x24 scope icon.png Zenit-Belomo PSO 1 4x24 scope
AFG Grip Icon.gif Magpul AFG grip
Rvggripicon.png Magpul RVG grip black
Zenit RK-0 Foregrip icon.png Zenit RK-0 Foregrip
ZenitRK4icon.png Zenit RK-4 Foregrip
BCMMOD3GripIcon.png BCM MOD.3 Tactical grip
KACVPGIcon.png KAC Vertical pistol grip
LASTAC 2 Icon.png LAS/TAC 2 tactical flashlight
Cobracupicon.png Cobra Family Sights Shade
Okp-7icon.png OKP-7 reflex sight
AK-105 5.45x39 icon.png AK-105 5.45x39 assault rifle
AK-74M icon.png AK-74M 5.45x39 assault rifle
AK-74N icon.png AK-74N 5.45x39 assault rifle
AKS-74U icon.png Kalashnikov AKS-74U 5.45x39
AKS-74UB icon.png Kalashnikov AKS-74UB 5.45x39
AKS-74UN icon.png Kalashnikov AKS-74UN 5.45x39
TT icon.png TT pistol 7.62x25 TT
PP-91 Kedr.png PP-91 Kedr 9x18PM SMG
PP-9 Klin icon.png PP-9 Klin 9x18PMM SMG
Nspu-micon.png NSPU-M night Scope
Acogicon.png Trijicon ACOG 3.5x35 scope
6.5-20x50icon.png Leupold Mark 4 LR 6.5-20x50 riflescope
Vulcan MG night scope 3.5x Icon.png Vulcan MG night scope 3.5x
DTK-1.png Zenit DTK-1 7.62x39 & 5.45x39 muzzlebrake & compensator for AK
Kx3.png Noveske KX3 5.56x45 flashhider
DVL-10 M2.png DVL-10 M2 muzzle break
DVL-10 MD.png DVL-10 muzzle device
Pws74.png PWS CQB 74 5.45x39 Muzzle brake
G3port.png Decelerator 3 Port 9x19 Compensator
Lw9.png Lone Wolf Compensator 9 9x19
NationalMatchMBIcon.png National Match 7.62x51 muzzlebrake & compensator for M1A
Tpp icon.png Texas Precision Products muzzlebrake for Mosin rifle
NT4 Icon.gif KAC QDSS NT-4 5.56x45 silencer
Pbs-4icon.png PBS-4 5.45x39 Silencer
Mpx-sdicon.png MPX-SD 9x19 Integrated silencer
Hexagonak-47icon.png Hexagon AK-74 5.45x39 sound suppressor
Hexagon12kicon.png Hexagon 12K sound suppressor
Dtk-4micon.png Zenit DTK-4M muzzle brake
Sr1mpicon.png SR1MP silencer 9x21
Osprey9icon.png SilencerCo Osprey 9 9x19mm sound suppressor
762sdn-6icon.png AAC 762 SDN-6 7.62x51 Sound Suppressor
Fd917icon.png Fischer Development FD917 suppressor
Rotex2Icon.png B&T Rotex 2 4.6x30 silencer
SV98Sil.png Regular SV-98 7.62x54 silencer
Illusion Icon.png AAC Illusion 9 9x19mm silencer
Gk02.png GK-02 Muzzle Brake
P226threadicon.png P226 thread protection cap
12gamonster.png Tromix Monster Claw 12ga muzzle brake
Wolfthreadicon.png Thread protector for Alpha Wolf Glock barrels
Glockddthreadproticon.png Glock thread protector produced by Double Diamond
Glockthread.png Glock thread protector produced by Salient Arms
Akmpfronticon.png AKMP system front sight device
Glocksefronticon.png Dead Ringer Snake Eye Glock front sight
Tfxfronticon.png Truglo TFX Glock front sight
Tfxrearicon.png Truglo TFX Glock rear sight
MBUS Rear Icon.gif Magpul MBUS Gen.2 Rearsight
Pk-06icon.png Belomo PK-06 reflex sight
Rmricon.png Trijicon RMR
553icon.png Eotech 553 holographic sight
Xps3-0icon.png Eotech XPS3-0 holographic sight
Uh-1icon.png Vortex Razor AMG UH-1 holographic sight
Comp M4 Icon.png Aimpoint COMP M4 reflex sight
SpectreDR Icon.gif ELCAN SpecterDR 1x/4x Scope
Bravo4icon.png Sig BRAVO4 4X30 Scope
Trijicon ACOG TA01NSN 4x32 scope TAN icon.png Trijicon ACOG TA01NSN 4x32 scope TAN
3-24x42icon.png Optical scope March Tactical 3-24x42 FFP
Nightforce ATACR 7-35x56Icon.png Nightforce ATACR 7-35x56 riflescope
1 6 vudu icon.png EOtech Vudu 1-6 riflescope
Thermalicon.png Trijicon REAP-IR thermal riflescope
BGV MK46 Icon.gif Tango Down Stubby BGV-MK46K tactical grip
Vikinggripicon.png Viking Tactical UVG Tactical grip
Heraarmsgripicon.png Hera Arms CQR tactical grip
Predator icon.png Armytek Predator Pro v3 XHP35 HI Flashlight
Peq.png AN/PEQ-15 tactical device
Klesch.png 2P Klesch flashlight + laser designator
X400.png X400 tactical flashlight
Ls321.png Holosun LS321 Tactical device
2irs.png 2IRS Klesch flashlight + laser designator
Gl21.png Glock Tactical GL21 flashlight with laser
Reapcupicon.png REAP-IR scope eyecup
Vulcan Eyecup Icon.png Vulcan MG scope eyecup
WF501BIcon.png Ultrafire WF-501B Flashlight
AS VAL icon.png AS VAL
VSS icon.png Special Sniper Rifle VSS Vintorez
PP-19-01 icon.png Submachinegun 19-01 Vityaz-SN 9x19
SV-98 icon.PNG SV-98 bolt-action sniper rifle
SKS icon.png Simonov Semi-Automatic Carbine SKS 7.62x39
AK-103Icon.png AK-103 7.62x39 assault rifle
AK-104Icon.png AK-104 7.62x39 assault rifle
SVD-S icon.png SVDS 7.62x54 Sniper rifle
Xps3-2icon.png Eotech XPS3-2 holographic sight
P1x42icon.png VOMZ Pilad P1X42 "WEAVER" reflex sight
Caars47.png CAA RS47 foregrip for AK-compatible systems
B-11hg.png B-11 AKS-74U Handguard
DD Ris2 Icon.gif Daniel Defence RIS II 9.5 foregrip for AR-15-compatible systems
Mtu002s.png SOK-12 aluminum handguard MTU002 Short Top
45orangeakmagicon.png 6L18 45-round 5.45x39 magazine for AK-74 and compatible weapons
6l2030rndmagicon.png 6L20 30-round 5.45x39 magazine for AK-74 and compatible weapons
30rndakplastic.png 30-round 6L23 5.45x39 magazine for AK-74 and compatibles
6l26magicon.png 45-round 6L26 5.45x39 magazine for AK-74 and compatibles
6L31-60-mag icon.png 60-round 6L31 5.45x39 magazine for AK-74 and compatibles
Ak7410rndmag.png 10-round Saiga 545 5.45x39 magazine for AK-74 and compatibles
Grachmag.png MP-443 magazine
P226mag.png P226 magazine
Makarovdrumicon.png PM/PPSH 9x18PM 84-round drum mag for PM
Kedr20rndmag.png Standard 9x18PM 20-round magazine for PP-91
Saig12mag.png Sb.5 5-round 12x76 magazine for SOK-12 and compatible weapons
Stanag30rndicon.png Colt AR-15 5.56x45 STANAG 30-round magazine
M420-round.png PMAG GEN M3 20 5.56x45 STANAG 20-round magazine
M440roundicon.png 40-round PMAG GEN M3 40 5.56x45 STANAG magazine
Genm30m4magicon.png PMAG GEN M3 W 30 5.56x45 STANAG 30-round magazine
Sv98mag.png 10-round polymer magazine 7.62x54R for SV-98
TT-105 magazine icon.png TT-105 7.62x25 TT Magazine
Vss10rnd.png 10-round 6L24 9x39 VSS magazine
Vss20rndicon.png 20-round 6L25 9x39 VSS magazine
B12.png B-12 Mount
B18.png B-18 Mount
043-02.png Pilad 043-02 Mount
B8.png B-8 mount
Kedrris.png Rotor 43 RIS mount for PP Kedr
Yarygin MP-443 Grach icon.png Yarygin MP-443 Grach 9x19 pistol
P226R icon.png P226R 9x19 pistol
Rk-3.png Zenit RK-3 AK pistol grip
B-33.png Zenit B-33 dust cover for AK-74
Baskakstockicon.png Armacon Baskak stock
AKS-74 Icon.png AKS-74 5.45x39 assault rifle
HK416Icon.png HK 416A5 5.56x45 Assault Rifle
AKS-74NIcon.png AKS-74N 5.45x39 assault rifle
ADAR icon.png ADAR 2-15 .223 Carbine
VPO-209 icon.png Vepr AKM / VPO-209 366TKM carbine
VPO 136 icon.png Vepr KM / VPO-136 7.62x39 carbine
AKMN icon.png AKMN 7.62x39 assault rifle
AKM icon.png AKM 7.62x39 assault rifle
AKMS 7.62x39 assault rifle icon.png AKMS 7.62x39 assault rifle
AKMSN icon.png AKMSN 7.62x39 assault rifle
M4A1 icon.png Colt M4A1 5.56x45 Assault Rifle
OP-SKS icon.png Simonov Semi-Automatic Carbine SKS 7.62x39 Hunting Rifle Version
VeprHunterIcon.png Vepr Hunter/VPO-101 7.62x51 carbine
MPX icon.png SIG MPX 9x19 Submachine gun
MP5 icon.png HK MP5 9x19 submachinegun (Navy 3 Round Burst)
Saiga-9 icon.png Saiga-9 9x19 Carbine
HKMP7A2Icon.png HK MP7A2 4.6x30 submachinegun
M870Icon.png Remington Model 870 12ga shotgun
MP 153 icon.png MP-153 12ga semi-automatic shotgun
MR-133 icon 2.png MP-133 12ga shotgun
TOZ-106 icon.png TOZ-106 bolt-action shotgun
Saiga 12ga v10 icon.png Saiga 12ga ver. 10 12x76 assault rifle
RSASS icon.png Remington R11 RSASS 7.62x51
DVL-10 Saboteur icon.png DVL-10 Saboteur sniper rifle
MosinInfIcon.png Mosin bolt-action infantry rifle
M700Icon.png Remington Model 700 Sniper rifle
PB 9x18PM silenced pistol icon2.png PB 9x18PM silenced pistol
SH-1MP icon.png 9x21 Serdyukov automatic pistol SR1MP Gyurza
Glock 17 icon.png GLOCK 17 9x19 pistol
Glock18C Icon.png GLOCK 18C 9x19 pistol
APS icon.png Stechkin Automatic Pistol 9x18PM
26inM700Barrelicon.png 26" barrel for a Remington M700 7.62x51 NATO
SawnOff220mmMosinBarrelCustomicon.png Sawn off 220mm Mosin barrel
11inchhk416icon.png 11" barrel for 416A5 and compatible 5.56x45
SA58 11Inch Icon.png 11" barrel for SA-58 7.62x51
203mmmpxicon.png 203 mm 9x19 barrel for MPX
165mmmpxicon.png 165 mm 9x19 barrel for MPX-SD
18inchrsassicon.png 18" barrel for a AR-10 and compatible 7.62x51 NATO
Glockbarrerlsalientarms.png Threaded barrel for Glock 9x19 manufactured by Salient Arms
Barrelwithcompensator.png Barrel with compensator for Glock 17 9x19
355mmm870barrelicon.png 355mm barrel for M870 12ga
500mmdvl.png 500mm .308 barrel for DVL-10
370mmm4icon.png 370mm barrel for AR-15 and compatible 5.56x45
Ttthreaded.png Homespun 121mm 7.62x25 TT barrel with threading
508mm barrel for M870 12ga icon.png 508mm barrel for M870 12ga with a fixed sight
16 Fal Icon.png 16" barrel for SA-58 7.62x51
P226thread.png Threaded barrel for P226 9x19
Glockbasic.png Basic barrel for Glock 17 9x19
ADAR2-15Muzzleicon.png ADAR 2-15.56x45 Flashhider
Pwsm4.png PWS CQB 5.56x45 Muzzle brake
Midwest6.5icon.png Midwest 6.5 inch M-LOK foregrip for MPX
Midwest 10.5 inch M-LOK foregrip for MPX icon.png Midwest 10.5 inch M-LOK foregrip for MPX
RIS II FSP Icon.png Daniel Defence RIS II FSP 9.5 foregrip for AR-15-compatible systems
Magpul MOE SL carabine length M-LOK foregrip for AR15 icon.png Magpul MOE SL carabine length M-LOK foregrip for AR15
Midwest9In416HGIcon.png Midwest 9" M-LOK foregrip for 416A5
SAI10Icon.png SAI 10" QD Rail foregrip for AR15
ZhukovUIcon.gif Magpul Zhukov-U HAND GUARD (Black) for AK
6p20sb9.png Polymer AK-74 foregrip (6P20 Sb.9)
Magpulm870forestockicon.png Magpul MOE M870 forestock
Ufm.png Krebs Custom UFM Keymod System handguard for AKM
Lvoas.png Handguard War Sport LVOA-S blk. for use with AR-15 and compatible
Aksurailmounticon.png XRSU47SU Tactical Handguard for AKS-74U
Custommp133.png Custom plastic MP-133 forestock with mounts
Kacris.png Knight's Armament KAC RIS handguard for AR-15 and compatibles
6p1sb61.png Wooden AK-74 handguard (6P1 Sb.6-1)
Trax1icon.png Strike industries TRAX 1 foregrip
Mp153polymer.png Izhmekh MP-153 Polymer stock
Vpo209hg.png Wooden AKM / VPO-209 handguard
6p20sb6.png Wooden AK-74 handguard (6P20 Sb.6)
Mp5sdhg.png MP5SD Polymer handguard
Mp5tl99icon.png MP5 TL-99 Aluminum handguard
Lvoac.png HandguardWar Sport LVOA-C blk. for use with AR-15 and compatible
Mp5wt.png MP5 Wide Tropical Polymer handguard
FAL Keymod Guard Icon.png Aim sport Universal keymod foregrip for FAL
AK Hex hg icon.gif Hexagon handguard for AK
10-round SVD 7.62x54 magazine icon.png 10-round SVD 7.62x54 magazine
VPO-101 10rnd mag icon.png 7.62x51 metal magazine for VPO-101 and compatibles, 10-round capacity
Sb5 Icon.png 5-shot MC 20-01 Sb.3 20ga magazine for TOZ-106
HKPM30RndIcon.png HK PM Gen.2 5.56x45 STANAG 30-round magazine
ProMag AK-A-16 73-round 7.62x39 magazine for AKM and compatibles icon.png ProMag AK-A-16 73-round 7.62x39 magazine for AKM and compatibles
TroyBattlemag30Icon.png TROY Battlemag 5.56x45 STANAG 30-round magazine
30-round 5.45x39 magazine for АK-12 and compatibles icon.png 30-round 5.45x39 magazine for AK-12 and compatibles
Dvlmag.png 10-round .308 DVL-10 magazine
Mp5magicon.png Standard MP5 30-round 9x19 magazine
AKAl10Icon.png Izhmash 7.62x39 AK aluminium magazine for AK and compatibles, 10-round capacity
Glockmag.png Glock 9x19 magazine
PalmAK30Icon.gif Palm US AK30 7.62x39 magazine for AK and compatibles, 30-round capacity
Ak10rndmag.png 7.62x39 ribbed metal magazine for AK and compatibles, 10-round capacity
Pmag30rndakmicon.png PMAG 30 AK/AKM GEN M3 7.62x39 magazine for AK and compatibles, 30-round capacity
M4mag30roundnowindowicon.png PMAG GEN M3 30 5.56x45 STANAG 30-round magazine
Kedr30rnd.png Standard 9x18PM 30-round magazine for PP-91
Vssval30roundericon.png 30-round SR3M.130 9x39 SR3M magazine
Glockdrumicon.png SGMT Drum mag for Glock 9x19, 50 rounds capacity
Pmag30aknicon.png Pmag 30 AK74 GEN M3 5.45x39 magazine for AK and compatibles, 30-round capacity
Toz4rnd.png 4-shot MC 20-01 Sb.3 20ga magazine for TOZ-106
Sksmagicon.png ProMag SKS-A5 7.62x39 20-round SKS magazine
M1amagicon.png M1A 20 round 7.62x51 magazine
Ak55mag.png Izhmash AK magazine (issued ‘55 or later) 30-round for 7.62x39 AK and compatibles
Toz2rnd.png 2-shot MC 20-01 Sb.3 20ga magazine for TOZ-106
Magpul PMAG D-60.png Magpul PMAG D-60 5.56x45 60-round magazine
Mpxmagicon.png Standard MPX 30-round 9x19 magazine
Mp5drumicon.png X Products X-5 MP5 50-round 9x19 magazine
Akm40rndicom.png Molot 6P2.Sb-11 7.62x39 magazine for AK and compatibles, 40-round capacity
10roundm4icon.png PMAG GEN M3 10 5.56x45 STANAG 10-round magazine
Sr1mpmag.png SR1-MP magazine
FAL-SA-58 7.62x51 10 rnd Icon.png FAL/SA-58 7.62x51 10 rnd
FAL 50 Icon.png X-FAL FAL/SA-58 7.62x51 50 rnd magazine
MMW Fal Icon.png FAL/SA-58 "MMW" 7.62x51 20 rnd plastic mag
L1A1 Mag Icon.png British FAL/L1A1 7.62x51 30 rnd magazine
30mm ring-mount AR- P.E.P.R. made by Burris Image Icon.png 30mm ring-mount AR- P.E.P.R. made by Burris
Sig Sauer mount for the sights of Romeo series icon.png Sig Sauer mount for the sights of Romeo series.
226Bridge Icon.png Bridge Sight Mount for P226
Ac32062.png High profile mount for Trijicon RMR
Skssocom.png UTG SKS SOCOM Rail mount
MTU-028SG rail for M870 icon.png MTU-028SG rail for M870
6incasv.png Vltor CASV keymod 6 inch guide
M14 Ultimak M8 upper part.png M14 Ultimak M8 upper part
4ingen1.png SIG MPX Gen1 Handguard 4 inch rail adapter
2incasv.png Vltor CASV keymod 2 inch guide
Cobra.png Axion Cobra mount
M14dcsbicon.png M14 DCSB
Sr1mp1x.png SR1MP single rail mount
Rm33.png Low profile mount for Trijicon RMR
Ta51.png TA51 Mount for sights
4incasv.png Vltor CASV keymod 4 inch guide
Um3.png UM Tactical UM3 Sight Mount
Amm.png Aimpoint mount for the sights of Micro series
Short Hex Icon.gif Short lenght rail for Hexagon
Hex Med Icon.gif Medium lenght rail for Hexagon
Mosin Tri icon.png Aim Sports "Tri-Rail" rail for Mosin rifle
MNG Icon.png Aim Sports MNG rail for Mosin rifle
USPalmIcon.png US Palm pistol grip for AK
HK Battle Grip icon.png HK "Battle Grip" pistol grip for AR-15 based systems
M14ALCSpistolgripicon.png M14ALCS(MOD. 0) pistol grip for M14
Skeletonized AR-15 pistol grip Icon.png Skeletonized AR-15 pistol grip
Grals.png Naroh Arms GRAL-S Pistol grip for AR-15-compatible weapons
Ttgrips.png Standard TT side grips
6p4sb9..png Izhmash AK-74 Textolite pistol grip (6P4 Sb.9)
OMRG Icon.gif Hogue OverMolded Rubber Grip
AK SAW Icon.gif TAPCO SAW-Style pistol grip for AK
AG FAL Icon.png Fab AG FAL pistol grip for SA-58
Tozgrip.png TOZ 002 pistol grip for TOZ-106
STARK AR Icon.gif Stark AR Rifle Grip for AR-15-compatible weapons
A2m4standard.png Colt A2 AR-15 pistol grip
Akmbak..png Izhmash AKM bakelite pistol grip
Valgripstock.png AS VAL Pistol grip-buffer tube
B-33.png Izhmash AK polymer pistol grip (6P1 Sb.8)
Molotbak..png Molot AK bakelite pistol grip
Mp5sdupper.png HK MP5 Upper receiver (SD)
Legion slide icon.png P226 Sig Legion full size pistol slide
Stainless elite slide icon.png P226 Sig Stainless elite pistol slide
Glockvipercut.png Glock 9x19 Viper Cut slide
Glockawc.png Glock Alpha Wolf Custom slide
Gztspart.png Glock Zev Tech Hex Spartan slide
Murupper.png Vltor MUR-1S 5.56x45 Upper receiver for AR systems
Glockmotocuticon.png Glock 9x19 Moto Cut slide
Valdust.png AS VAL Dust cover
6p1 0-1akn.png Izhmash AK-74 dust cover (6P1 0-1)
M4upper.png Upper receiver Colt M4A1 5.56x45 for M4A1 assault rifle
Aksubdc.png Izhmash AKS-74UB Dust cover
Gzthex.png Zev Tech Hex Gen3 slide
Glockaw.png Glock Alpha Wolf slide
Vssdust.png VSS Vintorez dust cover
Akmtype.png Molot AKM type dust cover
6p1-01akm.png Izhmash AKM dust cover (6P1 0-1)
6p26sb.7.png AKS-74U Dust cover (6P26 Sb.7)
Glockslide.png Glock 9x19 slide
AnodisedIcon.gif SI Advanced receiver extension buffer tube
AnodisedIcon.gif SI Advanced receiver extension buffer tube (anodized red)
F93 Icon.png F93 Pro Stock
M14alcsbuttstockicon.png M14 M14ALCS(MOD. 0) stock (buttstock)
6p20sb5icon.png Izhmash wooden AK-74 stock (6P20 Sb.5)
MOE Stock Icon.gif MOE Carbine stock
6p1sb5icon.png Izhmash wooden AKM stock (6P1 Sb.5)
Prsgen2icon.png Magpul PRS GEN2 FDE stock
Akbuttpadicon.png Recoil pad from GP-25 for AK Accessory Kit
Pt3stockicon.png Zenit PT-3 "Klassika" stock
Sksstocklightwood.png Wooden stock for Molot OP-SKS
M7A1 Icon.gif Troy M7A1 PDW stock
Hacqr.png Hera Arms CQR pistol grip-stock
Raptoricon.png Raptor grip for M870
M4buttpadicon.png Magpul Rubber Butt-Pad for Carbine stock series
UBR GEN2 Icon.gif UBR GEN2 stock
Sksstockdarkwood.png Wooden stock 56-A-231 Sb.5
M14alcsstockicon.png M14 M14ALCS(MOD. 0) stock
Vpo136sstockicon.png Molot wooden VPO-136 stock
Vpo209stockicon.png Molot wooden VPO-209 stock
PRS2 FAL Icon.png Magpul PRS 2polymer stock for FAL
FAL BRS Icon.png DSA BRS stock for SA-58
SP-8 Survival Machete icon.png SP-8 Survival Machete
AdzeIcon.png Rebel Adze Axe
X7 Axe icon.png X7 axe
Antique Axe icon.png Antique axe
M67icon.png M67 Hand grenade