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Med Case.png
General data
TypeLoot Container
Grid size4x4

Medcase is a Loot Container in Escape from Tarkov.

Description[edit | edit source]

A plastic medical case that only spawns medical items. Very similar to the Medbag SMU06, but cannot spawn medikits except for the AI-2 medikit.

Loot Table[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Type Spawn Chance Rarity
Defibrillatoricon.png Portable defibrillator Medical Supplies 0.05% Super Rare
TransilluminatorIcon.png LEDX Skin Transilluminator Medical Supplies 0.05% Super Rare
Medical Bloodset Icon.png Medical bloodset Medical Supplies 8% Rare
Hydrogen Peroxide icon.png Hydrogen peroxide Medical Supplies 6% Rare
Ophthalmoscopeicon.png Ophthalmoscope Medical Supplies 1% Super Rare
Saline Solution icon.png Saline solution Medical Supplies 6% Rare
AI-2 Icon.png AI-2 medikit Medkit 12% Common
EFT Aseptic-Bandage Icon.png Aseptic bandage Injury treatment 15% Common
EFT Army-Bandage Icon.png Army bandage Injury treatment 20% Rare
Golden Star Balm Icon.png Golden Star Balm Injury treatment 1% Super Rare
EFT Splint Icon.png Immobilizing splint Injury treatment 15% Common
EFT Vaseline Icon.png Vaseline Injury treatment 2% Super Rare
EFT Augmentin-antibiotic-pills Icon.png Augmentin antibiotic pills Pills 4% Super Rare
EFT Painkillers Icon.png Analgin painkillers Pills 13% Common
EFT Morphine Icon.png Morphine injector Injector 7% Rare