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Meds is a large category of items that serve to keep your renegade alive and well.

List of medical supplies[edit | edit source]

Name Type Price (rubles) Effect
AI-2 medikit Medikit 1500 Restores a total of 250 hit points (50 per second)
Removes all negative status effects except for contusions
Analgin painkillers Drug 600 Removes pain status effects
Vaseline Drug 8060 Removes bleeding fracture contusion and pain status effects
Morphine injector Stimulator 2000 Removes pain and contusion status effects and boosts speed by +25% for 120 seconds
Aseptic bandage Medical item 500 Removes bleeding status effects
Immobilizing splint Medical item 725 Removes fractures.
Army bandage Medical item 830 Removes bleeding status effects
Golden Star Balm Medical item 18510 Completely restores energy and hydration
grizzly medkit
Salewa First Aid Kit Medkit Removes Blood loss & Restores HP