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Quests, both player-given and dynamically generated, are intended to be a big part of Escape from Tarkov.

Currently they are used to earn EXP, get money as well as rare items, increasing the reputation with dealers and unlocking items for purchase.

Image Guides[edit | edit source]

  • List of Quests[edit | edit source]

    Quest Type Objectives Rewards
    Debut Elimination
    Checking PickUp
    Shootout picnic Elimination
    • Neutralize 12 Scavs in the Woods. You must wear a balaclava
    Delivery from the past PickUp
    • Find a secure case in the Tarcone Director's Office at the Customs terminal
    • Leave the case in the Factory swing room, on 2nd floor of shop 3
    • Survive and exit Factory location
    BP depot Discover
    Bad rep evidence PickUp
    Ice cream cones PickUp
    Postman Pat - Part 1 PickUp
    Shaking up teller PickUp
    • Find something valuable in the dorm room 203
      • (Optional) Gain access to room 214
    • Hand over the item to Prapor
    The Punisher - Part 1 Elimination
    The Punisher - Part 2 Elimination
    • +13,900 EXP
    • Prapor Rep +0.1
    • 70,000 Roubles
    The Punisher - Part 3 Elimination
    The Punisher - Part 4 Elimination
    The Punisher - Part 5 PickUp
    The Punisher - Part 6 Elimination
    Polikhim hobo Elimination
    • Kill 20 Scavs at Customs in time period from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m.
    Big customer Completion
    • Find a transport with chemicals
    • Mark the chemical transport with a beacon
    • Survive and extract Customs
    No offence PickUp
    • Prapor Rep +0.4
    Grenadier Elimination
    Perfect mediator Skill
    • Reach 4-th level of standing with Ragman
    • Reach 4-th level of standing with Skier
    • Reach 4-th level of standing with Mechanic
    • Reach 4-th level of standing with Peacekeeper
    • Reach 4-th level of standing with Prapor
    • Reach 4-th level of standing with Therapist
    Insomnia Elimination
    • Kill 30 PMC's during nighttime (23 to 04)
    Test drive - Part 1 Elimination