Technical supply crate

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Technical supply crate
General data
TypeLoot Container
Grid size5x5

The Technical supply crate is a Loot Container in Escape from Tarkov.

Description[edit | edit source]

Technical supply crate that contains Industrial and Electronic items

Loot Table[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Type Spawn Chance Rarity
AA Battery Icon 2.png AA Battery Energy Element 20% Common
D Size Battery Icon.png D Size Battery Energy Element 10% Common
Duct tape Icon.png Duct tape Building Material 25% Common
Insulating tape Icon.png Insulating tape Building Material 20% Rare
Boltsicon.png Bolts Building Material 35% Common
Screwnuticon.png Screw nut Building Material 35% Common
Geiger-Mueller counter Icon.png Geiger-Muller counter Electronics 3% Super Rare
T-Shaped Plug Icon.png T-Shaped Plug Electronics 25% Rare
Matches Icon.png Classic matches Flammable material 40% Rare
PliersElite.png Pliers Elite Tool 3% Rare
Plier Icon.png Pliers Tool 21% Rare
Construction Measuring Tape Icon.png Construction measuring tape Tool 17% Rare
Screwdriver Icon.png Screwdriver Tool 18% Rare
Toolsicon.png A set of tools Tool 8% Super Rare
Wrench Icon.png Wrench Tool 18% Rare
FireSteelIcon.png Old firesteel Tool 0.3% Super Rare
Car Battery Icon.png Car battery Energy Element 8% Rare
PowerbankIcon.png Powerbank Energy Element 2% Rare
Recicon.png Rechargeable battery Energy Element 10% Rare
Mil Batt icon.png 6-STEN-140-M military battery Energy Element 10% Super Rare
Hoseicon.png Corrugated hose Building Material 12% Rare
Nailsicon.png A pack of nails Building Material 10% Common
Plexicon.png Piece of plexiglas Building Material 6% Rare
Screwsicon.png A pack of screws Building Material 13% Common
Xenoicon.png Xenomorph sealing foam Building Material 12% Super Rare
Shusicon.png Shustrilo sealing foam Building Material 8% Super Rare
Wiresicon.png Wires Electronics 15% Common
Electric Drill icon.png Electric drill Electronics 6% Super Rare
Magnet Icon.png Magnet Electronics 4% Super Rare
Powercord icon.png Powercord Electronics 10% Rare
Spark Plug Icon .png Spark plug Electronics 10% Rare
Energy-Saving Lamp Icon.png Energy-saving lamp Electronics 17% Rare
Gas Analyzer Icon.png Gas analyzer Electronics 5% Super Rare
UV lamp Icon.png Ultraviolet lamp Electronics 4% Super Rare
USB Adapter Icon.png USB Adapter Electronics 20% Rare
Cricket lighter Icon.png Crickent lighter Flammable material 40% Common
Zibbo lighter Icon.png Zibbo lighter Flammable material 15% Rare
5L propane tank icon.png 5L propane tank Flammable material 5% Rare
WD40 100ml Icon.png WD-40 100ml. Flammable material 2% Rare
Wd-40400icon.png WD-40 400ml Flammable material 5% Super Rare
Dryfuelicon.png Dry fuel Flammable material 5% Common
FireKlean icon.png FireKlean gun lube Flammable material 2% Super Rare
Fuelcondicon.png Fuel conditioner Flammable material 15% Super Rare
ParacordIcon.png Paracord Other 8% Super Rare
FP-100 filter absorber icon.png FP-100 filter absorber Other 2% Super Rare
Pressure gauge icon.png Pressure gauge Building materials 5% Super Rare
Anal Thermometer Icon.png Analog thermometer Building materials 8% Super Rare
SiliconeTubeIcon.png Silicone tube Building materials 5% Rare
Bulb icon.png Light bulb Electronics 10% Common
MilitaryCableIcon.png Military cable Electronics 3% Super Rare
Electric motor icon.png Electric motor Electronics 4% Rare
RadiatorHelixIcon.png Radiator helix Electronics 5% Rare
Working LCD Icon.png Working LCD Electronics 3% Rare
Lcd-icon.PNG Broken LCD Electronics 8% Rare
MilitaryCircuitBoardIcon.png Military circuit board Electronics 2% Super Rare
Relay Icon.png Phase control relay Electronics 12% Rare
Mil Filter Icon.png Military power filter Electronics 10% Super Rare
Metal-fuel-tank-icon.png Metal fuel tank Fuel 5% Common
Expeditionary-fuel-tank-icon.png Expeditionary fuel tank Fuel 6% Rare
Water filter icon.png Water filter Other 7% Rare
Airfiltericon.png Air filter for gas mask Other 8% Rare
Handdrill icon.png Handdrill Tool 2% Rare
RoundPliersIcon.png Round pliers Tool 10% Rare
Metal cutting scissors icon.png Metal cutting scissors Tool 3% Rare
Nippers small.jpg Nippers Tool 4% Rare
Long screwdriver icon.png Long flat screwdriver Tool 5% Rare
Flat Screwdriver Icon.PNG Flat screwdriver Tool 7% Common