Trijicon REAP-IR thermal riflescope

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Trijicon REAP-IR thermal riflescope
General data
TypeSpecial scope
Weight1 kg
Grid size2x1
Sold byJaeger LL4
Refresh rate35Hz
Accuracy %+0
Sighting range500 m

Trijicon REAP-IR thermal riflescope (REAP-IR) is a special scope in Escape from Tarkov.

Description[edit | edit source]

Versatile thermal imaging telescope/sight. It can be installed on weapons for use in the form of sight, as a monocular, and as a separate observation device.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Scope's refresh rate is 35Hz
  • Currently is not usable on a helmet or as a separate observation device, contradictory to what is said in the description
  • The scope range is ~230 m at 0° angle, it goes up to ~250 m aiming uphill or downhill

Mods[edit | edit source]

Reticles[edit | edit source]

Trading[edit | edit source]

RadiatorHelixIcon.png x10
Radiator helix
Jaeger 3 icon.png
Jaeger LL3
Trijicon REAP-IR thermal riflescope
Wooden clock icon.png x3
Wooden clock
Roler icon.png x2
Roler submariner gold wrist watch
Skier 3 icon.png
Skier LL3

Trijicon REAP-IR thermal riflescope

Mil thervis.png x2
Military thermal vision module Iridium
MilitaryCircuitBoardIcon.png x4
Military circuit board
Mechanic 4 icon.png
Mechanic LL4
Trijicon REAP-IR thermal riflescope

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Dead Scavs and all ammo boxes except the 5 pcs. 12x70 DIPP ammo box, 20 pcs. 9x19 mm DIPP ammo box and the 20 pcs pack 5.56x45 Warmage ammo will show as heat sources.