UZRGM grenade fuze

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UZRGM grenade fuze
Fuze ins.png
Fuze icon.png
General data
Weight0.055 kg
Grid size1x1
EffectGeneric loot item
Loot experience20
Examine experience10

UZRGM grenade fuze (Fuze) is an item in Escape from Tarkov.

Description[edit | edit source]

Unified Fuse Hand Grenade Modified - unlike UZRG, it contains inside the aluminum bushings a slow-burned pyrotechnic composition with high combustion stability and an azide detonator capsule in an aluminum sleeve. A vital component for the production of grenades.

Location[edit | edit source]

Trading[edit | edit source]

Fuze icon.png x1
UZRGM grenade fuze
Mechanic 1 icon.png
Mechanic LL1
Vog-17 icon.png
VOG-17 Khattabka grenade

Crafting[edit | edit source]

40 VOG-25.png x5
40 mm VOG-25
Fuze icon.png x5
UZRGM grenade fuze
Workbench level 1
1 hour 6 minutes
Vog-25 icon.png x8
VOG-25 Khattabka grenade
Gunpowder Icon.png x1
Gunpowder "Kite"
RDG-2B Smoke grenade icon.png x1
RDG-2B Smoke grenade
Fuze icon.png x5
UZRGM grenade fuze
Workbench level 2
1 hour 17 min
Zarya stun grenade icon.png x5
Zarya stun grenade